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Elle Decor Italia

The ultimate hotel for real bohemians is in Belgium

Hotel Pilar, Leopold De Waelplaats, Antwerp: 17 tailormade bedrooms between art and design by architect Sam Peeters

© Evenbeeld

Interior of the Hotel Pilar by Sam Peeters, located in the lively Antwerp Het Zuid district 

The sunniest corner of Antwerp’s Leopold de Waelplaats square recently saw the opening of Hotel Pilar, a location that is bound to become a new landmark for the whole city.  


Seventeen bedrooms housed within an old, elegant building, white on the outside and colorful on the inside, whose name happens to be the same as Ernest Hemingway’s boat (i.e. “Pilar”, editor’s Note). Pilar, though, is not just a hotel. How could that be in such a lively, ebullient district such as Het Zuid? Its founders, Sam Peeters and Christophe Ysewyn – architect and manager respectively – define it as “…an eclectic home away from home”. Therefore, the Hotel Pilar, in keeping with the most interesting specimens of fashionable hôtellerie, successfully mixes hospitality, entertainment, shopping and food. It is a place where you can stay, work, meet people, go shopping, eat excellent food and, of course, relax – and, at the same time, a brand-new platform that will continuously evolve over the years to accommodate new opportunities and interests.


The Pilar Hotel’s heart is the lobby Foodbar, a must-visit café for a gorgeous breakfast or a healthy lunch. Why not spend some time in this beautiful hotspot decorated with artworks and objets trouvés? Maybe for a guilty pleasure in the afternoon or a convivial evening dinner? Dishes are as sophisticated as the interior décor, mixing ingredients and traditions from all over the world, stunningly ranging from croque monsieur à la Parisienne to ceviche.


Let’s climb to the upper floors and take a look at the bedrooms: seventeen spacious, light-filled rooms, spread over three floors. Each suite is unique and features tailor-made solutions both in its design and in bespoke selection of artworks and furnishings, many of them for sale. Each room features unusual design bathtubs and colorful woolen bedspreads whose color reveals which type of room you have chosen.

By virtue of the Hotel’s location and its big windows, every room has a beautiful, uninterrupted view of the stunning Royal Museum of Fine Arts, offering breath-taking glimpses of Antwerp’s beauty.


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