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4 Wall-mounted fittings ideas for a small bathroom

From mainstream design to aesthetic research, the most interesting sanitary ceramics and suspended fittings launched at ISH trade fair in Frankfurt

Filippo Messina

'Venere', the new suspended, organic-shaped sink by Antoniolupi

Wall-mounted sanitary fittings, more than a trend, have become something of a must – mainly because of the many advantages they offer. Above all, the undeniable minimalist, unexpected effect they create even in small bathrooms, but also their generally inferior size and their practicality when it comes to clean them. Among the many novelties launched during Frankfurt ISH trade fair, we made a selection of suspended sanitary design fittings, the perfect solution to enhance an already beautiful flooring and the answer to those who need to furnish those long, narrow bathrooms that are any architect’s (and resident’s) nightmare. But also to design lovers that wish to add a contemporary touch to their old bathroom. 

Let’s start with the suspended fittings from the Stockholm collection by Swedish trio Claesson Koivisto Rune for Globo, unveiled at ISH trade fair in its complete, extended version: a new range of small, wall-hung fittings (only 51cm depth) that will provide the answer to any furnishing need. 

In order to expand their range of wall-mounted sanitary fittings, the Flaminia brand in partnership with Giulio Cappellini has focused on reducing spaces by introducing clear-cut geometrical shapes, giving life to the new Miniwash collection, a series of brand-new suspended, countertop and under top bathroom sinks. The old Flaminia historic pieces have been modified to adjust to the latest needs, by adding new, wall-hung models: the Efi best-selling collection, for instance, is now available in a new, wall-mounted version targeted at a refined audience, lovers of both classic taste and of the more contemporary shabby-chic style. 

The new collection Nest – Design for All by Vitra, on the other hand, is a ‘family’ of suspended sanitary design furnishings expressly designed for all, without distinctions of age and physical condition: a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. In addition to the basic range of white ceramic fittings, the collection includes adjustable mirrors and wheeled cabinets (designed to safely glide even on wet surfaces) that can be turned into seats according to need. 

Photo credits © Filippo Messina

Let’s conclude in style and feminine elegance with Venere, the new suspended, organic-shaped sink by Antoniolupi. Its velvety Flumood surface seems to float without any wall-mount device thanks to a new smart system that conceals all the mounting components. 

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by Carlotta Marelli / 30 March 2017


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