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Benedetta Tagliabue in Beijing

Barcelona guest city at Beijing Design Week, to talk about virtuous urban growth

It is always interesting when, to grow and improve, already existing models are investigated in-depth. The comparison is much more useful when the compared situations are very different. For this initiative of the Chinese Design Week which, every year, invites a stimulating city, from the perspective of urban development, it has the flavour of research to be taken into consideration.

After London, Milan and Amsterdam, the guest city of the 2014 edition of Beijing Design Week (from 26 September to 3 October) will be Barcelona. The Spanish city enjoyed a time of glory and development commencing from 1992, when it hosted the Olympics, only to continue with growth that seemed unstoppable. In 2008, the economic crisis linked to the finance and property system caused a slowdown, but the city quickly recovered, showing more grit and ability to react than any other major European centre.

The spokesperson and representative of this virtuous and complex example will be the architect Benedetta Tagliabue, Italian by origin but for decades working in Spain as the co-founder of the studio Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, together with Enric Miralles. In particular, an important project designed by EMBT will be presented, which focuses on the recovery of public spaces: the market of Santa Caterina, which involved the whole part of the surrounding old town, significantly redeveloping it.

And not only this: the section dedicated to Barcelona, a Future Inspired by Design, will see a myriad of exhibitions, in situ demonstrations and interventions.

Info: http://www.bjdw.org/en/

by Annalisa Rosso / 24 September 2014


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