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Elle Decor Italia

Fair-faced concrete, steel and wood in a China-style restaurant

Lukstudio has selected few spectacular materials for a Beijing restaurant, shaping spaces with the help of special steel wires


In this Beijing restaurant Lukstudio reinterprets the noodle theme using a grid made of soft steel wires. Interiors are characterized by a limited choice of materials such as concrete, wood and corten that diversify each space, making them exquisitely impressive.


Fair-faced concrete, steel and wood. After the Noodle Rack, opened in Changsha, China, in 2015 (read also → Il ristorante dei noodels in Cina), Shanghai-based Lukstudio reinterprets the same concept for the newly opened Longxiaobao restaurant, Beijing, shaping the spaces through the deft application of frameworks and steel wires.

The entrance features a simple hall where two glass sheets give visitors the freedom to look at the kitchen, located on the left, as well as the adjoining dining room. A big, corten copper-steel sliding door panel leads to three further spaces. Despite the relatively limited selection of materials – fair-faced architectural concrete, corten steel structures, wooden tables and display units – Lukstudio architects have managed to create three rather different, sophisticated rooms.  

The first one, with its three long rows of tables, recalls a traditional dining hall and it has been designed keeping in mind the brief lunch break of the employees from the nearby offices. The second room, featuring small sofas and porcelain decorations, is the perfect haven for those who wish to quietly enjoy their meal. The concrete staircase, in fine, has been turned into an intimate, exclusive nook with an only table dominated by decorative hanging metal wires reminiscent of the classic noodle shape.

After climbing the staircase, guests can get to a room especially dedicated to private dinners, wherein Lukstudio has further investigated the decorative potential of hanging and overlapping metal wires to define volumes and separate spaces in a delicate, ethereal fashion.


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by Carlotta Marelli / 30 August 2016


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