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Bathroom ceramics: the latest trends at Cersaie 2017

Wallpaper, wood, marble, stone, steel, fabric-effect: ceramics go illusionist

Andrea Penisto

Infinity by Trend Group: the blend of large format panels and high resolution digital printing techniques on glass 

Are you super sure these are actually bathroom ceramics? Admit it, how many times have you asked yourselves while wandering through the Cersaie halls in Bologna in search of the freshest news in the field of bathroom ceramics?

You heard it right, this year the vast majority of leading companies in the sector have matched traditional bathroom ceramic collections with a wild bunch of alternative options meant to shake up our well-worn wall & floor cladding’s habits, whilst also employing large format printed glass panels as additional building material (opening photo). 

Indeed, the combination of large format panels and high resolution digital printing techniques on glass leads to almost boundless chances of recreating tactile surfaces and decorations. This year, Cersaie has been a feast of wood, marble, stone, wallpaper, steel, fabric-effect modern wallpaper collections, built on an ideal visual illusion which blends realistic images and cutting-edge tactile rendering. The latest prevailing trends include the use of tropical/naturalist patterns, as clearly shown by brands Trend Group and 41zero42. The latter is responsible of a captivating exhibition stand featuring a selection of wood-effect panels available in 11 wooden essences, 3 neutral colours, and 15 bright nuances; Silvy (part of the Paper41 series) – resulting from a special printing process on ultra-thin sheets – was also previewed.

PH: Andrea Penisto

Fondovalle unveils Dream Jungle, a tropical pattern printed on panels sized 120x240cm, matched with Res Art monochrome panels with Mud finishes. Echoing resin’s peculiar texture, the slabs are available in size 160x130cm and 7 chromatic options.


WIDE&STYLE is the on-demand project from ABK Ceramiche which brings together the technological and decorative qualities of large-size slabs and panels. Working with a team of young designers, ABK created its own distinctive Style based on a kaleidoscope of graphic ideas: geometries, floral patterns, the world of luxury and a series of tile designs ready for colouring.

Lea Ceramica pursues its journey across the design world by launching two abstract and irregular patterns – Tamis and Oakland, both works of French designer Patrick Norguet, completed by Slamtech ultra-thin slabs of laminated porcelain – within a special setting curated by Diego Grandi. 

Marazzi introduces a brand new array of finishes and formats, with a handful of collections echoing different materials’ chromatisms and tactile textures. Finish options range from matte to plaster and hyper-reflecting metal.

Still, the most original news include Grand Carpet, the freshly released ceramic stoneware collection, designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel for Marazzi: a blend of maxi ceramic slabs with a very delicate motifs echoing the rich patterning of both the Kolan floorings and Melinda, a contemporary form of Indian body tattoo. 

PH: Fabrizio Bergamo per B&B Italia. Courtesy Marazzi

Atlas Concorde delves deep into 3D decorative patterning with the Kone 3D line and Arkshade, respectively: the first one comprises white or coloured-paste wall tiles with concrete effect and horizontal motifs; thanks to the dichotomy between compact backgrounds and geometric decorations, the second lends itself to a thousand customizable and elegant decor solutions, with the matte glaze adding character to the surfaces of the collection's white body wall tiles.

It is now the turn of Coem’s I Sassi, a porcelain stoneware collection reminiscent of the smooth beauty of river pebbles: the edges are even, the surface is slightly textured yet soft, natural, lapped or for outdoor use, and the colours are neutral, in keeping with the source the series draws its inspiration from. The line is launched concurrently with the “Shelf” modular project by Paolo Benevelli, which just snatched the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award 2017: full-body porcelain stoneware is worked to obtain an L-shaped element, and the union of one or more elements allows creating endless combinations that widens the possibilities of uses: bookcases, shelves, displays and support surfaces for any setting.

Bisazza puts aside the world of cementiles and wood by turning to polychrome decorations on marble: the latest collection comes in 9 chromatic options and 16 graphic patterns (available in two colour variants and 7 different formats).

Rex: Made in Florim launches Prexious of Rex, a selection of highly evocative panels inspired to rare examples of marble whose colours and veining are keenly re-interpreted with all of the brand’s expertise; and Planches of Rex, a new benchmark for the porcelain tile interpretation of natural wood.

Resulting from the mutual partnership of Indian and Italian entrepreneurs, Nexion unveils Apuane, Kair and Pompeii, all three collections being inspired to the excellence of Italian marble. Available in several formats, the lines reproduce the stone’s veining and chromatisms to the last detail.

Within Parallel Tales, the scenographic installation by Ergon (controlled by EmilGroup), Stone Talk was presented as a synonym with stone’s primordial strength and its multiple transformations resulting from an array of manufacturing processes.

Cotto D’este celebrates the great, Brutalist twentieth century style of architecture, and injects that rigor and strong expressive power into Cement Project: a system of surfaces and colours that evokes cement effects with aesthetic and sensory fidelity, including the traditional wooden slatted form.

Lastly, we wrap up our list with Gicacer and its LCS Ceramics, the brand’s first colour system based on Le Corbusier’s Architectural Polychromy.

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