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Pocket doors from the Eclisse Syntesis® Collection are there but you can’t see them

Invisible, minimal, graphic, and high-performance: these are the Eclisse flush-to-the-wall sliding and hinged doors

flush-to-the-wall-pocket doors-eclisse-01

Pocket and flush-to-the-wall doors by Eclisse from Eclisse Syntesis® Collection

Pocket doors in interiors are a modern classic by now. Eclisse knows it very well. The company produces flush-to-the-wall doors and played for years with camouflage and the minimalist style of rigorous geometries and soft colours.

Eclisse Syntesis Line is the sliding doors’ counter-frame with no external finishes. Ideal for minimalist spaces and for people loving to decorate by subtraction.

The special profiles, whether pre-plastered or not, ensure the perfect contact with the finishing material and the absolute homogeneity of the painting

Trends are clear: contemporary style and aesthetic of the modern housing shell call for neutral colours (frequently white), clean lines, few, if any, decorations, usually left to designer furnishings and objects, which can be easily modified or replaced, following changes in preference or season. 

Eclisse Syntesis Line battente is the solution for a hinged door flush to the wall, with no external elements, such as jambs and lining frames.

Doors can be painted in the same colour as the wall, the camouflage is perfect

The structure of the house must be able to accommodate radical as well as point changes. For this reason, after an intense research on the new necessities of contemporary living, Eclisse conceived a complete collection of flush-to-the-wall doors (sliding or hinged) and invisible technical compartments.

Eclisse Syntesis Tech allows hiding technical compartments such as storage closets, water pipes, and wiring with convenient ‘push and pull’ flush-to-the-wall apertures.

The basic idea appears to be to eliminate the superfluous. The Eclisse Syntesis® Collection is frameless. The fixed counter-frames, painted in the same colour as the wall or decorated as the door, are all about perfect concealment. The technical perimeter profiles, whether pre-plastered or to be plastered in the plasterboard version, ensure the perfect contact of the material and the absolute homogeneity of the painting, thus preventing its flaking over time. Another possibility? Transforming the finishes of baseboards and counter-frames into graphic signs. Thanks to the innovative skirting profile, which differently from traditional baseboards is applied at wall level, it is possible to eliminate any overhangs. The result is simple as much as elegant. No reliefs, no light-and-shade effects, no dust, and the option of laying the furniture against the wall without having to remodel the skirting every time.


Differently from traditional skirting, Eclisse Syntesis Battiscopa enables to mount a flush-to-the-wall baseboard with no protrusions

For those most technically oriented, is the Eclisse Syntesis® Luce line (see photo below), which combines minimalist aesthetics and convenience. These sliding doors allow the insertion of electric devices, like spotlights, light switches, or electricity sockets — up to 10 boxes — in the section immediately adjacent to the doorway (an impossible solution if one thinks of today’s structural frames of sliding doors).

Eclisse Syntesis Luce is the counter-frame for pocket doors without external finishes that is preset for wiring. A modern and minimalist solution to have spotlights at hand


by Benedetta lamberti / 10 February 2017


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