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Elle Decor Italia

Why are carpets increasingly trendy?

Softness, comfort, functionality and beauty in Besana’s soft floors. Personalised too.

Talking about interior design, softness is increasingly trendy. Besana Moquette, leading brand in the carpet industry, knows very well that in contract furnishings as well as in homes, carpets and soft, comfortable textures are sought-after and fashionable. Hence, for the second year in a row, Besana carpets have been the main surface for Elle Décor Italy at Palazzo Bovara during Milan Design Week 2017, designed by Italian-Danish studio Gamfratesi.

“Elle Décor Concept Store. The new shopping experience”. As the title suggests, it was a retail experience centred around innovation and framed with interior design contemporary materials such as Besana Moquette Srl carpets, technical partner of the event. 

Thousands of visitors appreciated the aesthetics and material quality of Besana’s soft floors. However, what was not so easily noticeable – but still deserving of our attention – was the contract products performance, which have the highest European certifications. Continuously researching on expressions, technology and environmental solutions, Besana Moquette Srl invests in the best materials and in the necessary qualifications to clear through issues related to organic and volatile compounds.

Reaction to fire, light and water, resistance to footsteps and UV rays and the reduction of sounds and dust, are some of the strengths of this brand. Thanks to custom-made aesthetic solutions, Besana Moquette is quickly growing in the contract furnishings sector, where established interior designers sensible to new trends are highly demanded. They are in charge of designing and decorating luxury hotels, prestigious offices, luxurious boats, airport lounges and exclusive residences, meeting security and quality standards.

The brand (from the Monza-Brianza region) has a wide network of qualified operators and has been turning the finest yarn into soft Made-in-Italy carpets for the past 40 years. These are the result of the union between creativity and craftsmanship, producing personalised products combining functionality and beauty thanks to the long-lasting relationships with clients.

Comfort, functionality and aesthetics are intertwined harmoniously into their carpets. They guarantee a unique experience by walking on the soft, design surfaces that involve all the five senses through colours, geometries and texture combinations that give a feeling of pure wellness. Besana products are adaptable to any scenario and can be personalised. Every wall-to-wall carpet can be transformed into a smaller carpet (any size), maintaining its stylistic and functional qualities. Every season inaugurates a new collection, interpreting and often anticipating trends evolutions. 




by Laura Arrighi / 13 July 2017


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