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How does wallpaper have to be?

Attractive, ecological, and high-performance: Tecnografica combines technology, art, and sustainability on a decorative surface

Wallpaper is not just a matter of taste. And Tecnografica knows it well. This Italian company, established in 1992, has made the design of decorative surfaces its mission, putting together aesthetics and functionality, while paying special attention to sustainability. A bench mark in the world of ceramic coverings and floors, over the past couple of years, this brand based in the Emilia region started designing and producing wallpaper and decorative panels that stand out for their style, technology, and choice of materials.

 “Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings”, the division brand, is held in especially high regard in the contract sector, thanks to its ability to supply high-performance modern wallpaper with an original design, offering the option of personalising its products in a short time.

Two characteristics make this brand a shining example of the Made in Italy. The first, already alluded to, is its attention to environmental concerns. All Tecnografica wallpapers are applied on Natural support, an ecological material exclusive to the company, realised with the highest respect for the environment. Coverings are manufactured on paper composed of special celluloses and textile fibres, and the inks utilised for printing are odourless, solvent-free, and certified.

The second characteristic is a constant expressive research. From artistic wallpapers based on original drawings, including comics and paintings, to the reproduction of already existing signs and forms, the attention to detail is almost obsessive. Case in point, the Dècorapanels, intended for the luxury market, are a high-tech creation that can be considered an innovation in the way the walls of rooms are covered and decorated. Unique, in terms of aesthetics and functionality, they are a visually impactful mix of technology, art, and design. With their very low thickness and their availability in bespoke shapes matching design needs, they can reproduce any natural form or element down to the smallest detail, thanks to a sophisticated technology of graphic relief and print. The results are surfaces that mimic stone, marble, and concrete with surprising realism.

The combination of industry and craftsmanship and the collaboration with established artists and designers are the strong points of Tecnografica, a company appreciated for offering ever-new aesthetic solutions that can surprise and be realised industrially, while maintaining high-performance standards and keeping an eye on the environment. Not just coverings, but true artworks characterised by great depth, realism, and value. A value that goes well beyond taste.



by Laura Arrighi / 8 February 2017


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