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Beds with thin legs, 10 ideas for an ultra-light rest

Clean and essential geometries emphasised by the strength of the materials: leather for the upholstering and metal or thin wood for the frame. This is the trend for beds for the year 2018


A selection of double beds with thin legs seen in 2017; furniture pieces that achieve comfort through lightness, thanks to the use of slight frames and soft materials

Il comfort e la seduzione delle camere da letto, si esprimono nei letti attraverso l’asimmetria, uno voluto sbilanciamento visivo e l’uso di pelli e strutture esili. Non sono solo forme morbide, curvy e tessuti abbondanti che traducono la comodità, l’idea di un relax avvolgente e un sonno profondo. Nel 2018 il nostro riposo sarà leggero, giovanile, divertente, ultra light. L’evoluzione dei letti con piedini va in questa direzione e propone arredi che puntano su un confort visivo, oltre che tattile, attraverso geometrie pulite ed essenziali sottolineate dalla forza del materiale. Metalli, legni e pelli vengono mixati e trattati in modo inusuale. Le pelli sono cucite come se fossero tessuti, con dettagli sartoriali che rimandano al mondo della moda, le gambe sottili in metallo conferiscono un effetto leggero, le strutture, lasciate a nudo o rivestite sono telai da rifasciare. Abbiamo selezionato per voi 10 letti di design che saranno, addossati alla pareti o centro stanza, i protagonisti indiscussi dell’ambiente più intimo e raccolta della casa.

Amber, part of the Harmony Club Collection, presented by Natuzzi at Milan’s 2017 Salone del Mobile, is a series of comfortable and functional double beds created by Australian designer Jamie Durie for the Italian brand. In line with the theme of the collection, the geometric and rational harmony of this furniture piece is well represented by the padded headboard, comprising two cushions that intersect the tubular structure and outline its profile. The mix of material is his collection’s distinctive feature: wood and metal for the frames, and leather or fabric for the upholstery. Their combination achieves an ever-changing, yet constant, balance of textures and proportions.

Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen worked on materials and clean geometries, and reduced the superfluous elements as he created the Anton series for the Molteni&C brand. The distinguishing feature of this line of leather beds is the special capitoné stitching of the headboard. The bed, featuring essential lines — delicate yet sharp — presents a regular and constant multilayer section with polyurethane filler outlining headboard and bed-frame. Volumes are emphasised by a contemporary interpretation of the particular quilted seam that turns this piece of furniture into a precious object.  

For the fans of wrought iron beds, here’s a contemporary piece designed for Bolzan Letti by the young duo composed by Zanellato and Bortotto. The bed’s legs are not mere supporting elements, as they define the whole structure of the double bed called Jack. This piece’s linear profile, with its sharp traits, is made up of separate, easily assembled elements that form a lacquered iron frame, the structure on which the upholstery is then applied. A leather band embraces headboard and footboard acting as a counterpoint to the bed’s base. The upholstering, also available in fabric, does not cover the whole bed but wraps it rather offering a glimpse of the structure, essential yet elegant.


More leather, used to produce homogeneous and modern upholstery, for Isabel, a line of king-size beds designed by Carlo Colombo for Flexform. The peculiarity of these pieces is leather, the material that upholsters headboard and bed-frame, including the legs, conferring warmth to the bed’s clean, geometric profile. Once again, the strong point of this project is the careful workmanship. The bed’s contemporary aesthetics is achieved through the use of a noble and elegant material.

A harmonious imbalance of weights and a controlled asymmetry characterise the Lennox bed designed by Spessotto & Agnoletto for Ditre Italia. In this elegant piece of furniture, comfort is interpreted through a wide headboard sitting on a slight base; both elements appear to float on frail-looking legs that confer lightness to this designer bed.

Victoriano, just the name brings to mind royal elegance. Roberto Lazzeroni designed for Lema an upholstered bed with a solid wood frame that draws inspiration from the style of the Victorian era, rendered up-to-date by a contemporary design. Thanks to its dual nature, this collection of double beds is the perfect choice to furnish classical homes as well as modern ones. The trait that gives character to this project is the tall headboard that curves slightly toward the sides to accommodate the mattress. The result is a soft and continuous line that ties the headboard to the bed-frame, embellished by central topstitching.

More leather for the frau beds. Mr Moonlight, designed byLudovica + Roberto Palomba for Poltrona Frau, the leading manufacturer of high-end furniture, is a bed collection featuring an informal and laid-back style. The idea of comfort here is conveyed by the lightness of the design, thanks to a leather-upholstered metal frame, on which rests a large headboard also in leather. The detail of the headboard’s soft shape that makes it look like a pillow is further embellished by a simple central seam and a rich perimeter edge. 

For Porada the contemporary style is achieved through reinterpretation of a wooden bed with a padded headboard. The architects Gabriele and Oscar Buratti designed for the Como-based firm with a passion for wood Nyan, a collection of modern double beds with frames in solid eastern black walnut, leather upholstery, and headboards in leather and leatherette. The warmth of the natural material and the softness of leather combine in a project whose strong points are the artisanal workmanship and the sophisticated details, the hallmark of Porada’s manufacturing culture.

The Meneghello Paolelli associati studio renewed its collaboration with Twils to present at the 2017 Salone del Mobile the Frick project: a minimalist upholstered bed that draws inspiration from the concept of personalisation and the needs of millennials. The key feature of the project is its modularity, as customers can choose among different finishing options for the headboard, at once basic and eclectic. A peculiar feature of this designer bed is the supplementary pillows that can be attached to the backrest via Velcro pads. The subjective and creative configurations that can be obtained combining the available fabrics and colours make the beds of this collection not just comfortable, but also fun — perfect for a young and growing market.

Draga & Aurel, two of the top designers of one of the leading producers of leather furniture, have created for Baxter Viktor, a line of beds manufactured with artisanal care characterised by metal frames and polyurethane foam padding upholstered in soft leather. The clean and simple aesthetics of this designer double bed is made precious and unique by top-quality materials and by the option of combining different textures and colours. The leather of the headboard and bed-frame upholstery is like a second skin for the structure, and the pillows, embellished by decorative seams and quilts, prove that the bed’s plain forms can become refined and unique thanks to details made possible by the firm’s know-how.











Letti imbottiti visti nel 2017

by Testo di Laura Arrighi. Selezione di Murielle Bortolotto e Tamara Bianchini / 6 November 2017


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