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Design is everywhere

The Milano Design Week 2017 as seen by young Italian designer Alessandro Stabile, the man who designs everything (ties included)


What do you know about Alessandro Stabile? Oh well, he is listed among the “Top Ten Young Italian Industrial Designers” according to the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, and has already worked with realities of the likes of Moleskine, Alessi, Internoitaliano, Triennale di Milano, Nutella, UnitedPets. He is currently enrolled by Giulio Iacchetti, and has recently co-founded Have a Good Tie (for which is Art Director), a young brand specialising in ties built on precious fabrics, cutting-edge aesthetic features and a new folding and seaming technique. The company was launched at the Milano Design Week, even though Stabile is clearly more into actually making product design than showing off at sumptuous vernissages. 

That explains why we asked for his analytical and pragmatic perspective on the last Milano Design Week

Un post condiviso da Have a Good Tie (@have_a_good_tie) in data:


1. First thought that comes to mind if you hear the words, “Milano Design Week 2017”.

Have a Good Tie: self-referential, but true. Set at the crossroads between fashion and product design, it is the brand that I co-founded and I am art director of. After loads of hard work, we managed to debut at the FuoriSalone within an exhibition space set in the Brera Design District.

2. The most exciting project you spotted this year.

Brut, the sofa designed by Konstantin Grcic for Magis.

3. Your all-time fave installation. 

Flos’s exhibition stand was a deeply immersive installation blending design’s creative imagination with technical know-how.

4. The most thrilling person you met.

I am not really fond of public relations: to me, the Milano Design Week is mainly an introspective time when I reach out towards the world of design and later reflect on my own.

5. Your biggest disappointment.

None, I guess. The Milano Design Week is a beautiful celebration, a moment when both design and the city comes across at their best. 

6. Any wishes for next year?

Give youth a chance!

7. Describe your work in one sentence.

I try to put new ideas, sophistication and truth in any project of mine. I also struggle to inject originality and beauty into categories of goods generally considered out of the fashion world



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by Carlotta Marelli / 3 October 2017


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