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Elle Decor Italia

Modular sofas for all tastes: from 60s patterns to geometrical forms

Lema’s comfy approach to the living mixes conviviality, full relax, sartorial finishes and manic attention to detail


Lema sofa collections are a blend of modularity, comfort and sartorial manufacturing aimed to create original solutions suitable for any domestic living rooms

Nowadays, to find ideal solutions for your living mainly means to create them from scratch: no wonder then that modular sofas are peeping out as a roaring trend in 2017, them being quite versatile and highly customisable options suitable for a wide array of interior settings. So it goes that discreet sophistication, along with a casual, decontracté spirit, are also Lema sofas’ key strengths, especially when great sense of comfort and devotion to slow living meet in cutting-edge design and modularity.

Although utterly different design-wise, all shown solutions share the same top-quality standards and skilled sartorial touches, all wrapped up in a shell of advanced technology and avant-garde manufacturing processes. Lema modular sofa systems boast large and soft shapes, whilst ensuring utmost comfort and providing a domestic environment defined by the balance between shapes, colours and materials: a timeless modular sofa, Jermyn by Gordon Guillaumier plays on the armrests and backrest’s contained thicknesses, like soft petals that lightly open up to accommodate the large seat cushions that match the comfort of the design’s linearity. The flat sectional legs, in fused bronzed metal, support the frame, lifting it up off the ground. 

Upholstered, Yard combines the modularity of a sofa with that of the retentive systems, while re-interpreting the typical creativity of the industrial design of the ‘60s. Padded volumes are integrated to counters, shelves, tables and containers that matched in various configurations, create countless multi-functional compositions. The structure, made in metal upholstered with fabric, is a top supported by feet joined through hooks of rectangular section that provides supports to the cushions and armrests, laid without hiding it, in a harmonious contrast that becomes its main aesthetic feature. 

Brick Lane, a feast of square shapes and extra-softness, results from a balanced game of geometries and volumes that replicate for a new piece of furniture that cultivates the ambition to rise to a new classic, able to be introduced in any environment, whether private or contract. In addition to the neat shapes, this proposal is defined by the flow of advanced technology, wisely hidden from the stitching, that allows reclining the backrest and bring forward the seat in the name of utmost comfort.

Mustique is a comfortable sofa, perfect for closed configurations, wide and elegant but essential and formal as well. Its name refers to an island of the Grenadines, recalling the idea of a live and happy place, destined to relax and resting spirit holidays. A structure consisting of two “H’s” in burnished or brushed metal, with a thin section, supporting the upholstered linear base unit, covered by the seat cushions, creating a double soft layer making the design more linear. Cushions are all regular in shape, a parallelepiped, in different sizes according to the functions, and coverings are rendered more precious by a detailed sewing following and underlining each shape. A calibrated composition offers a perfectly balanced design, a sort of neo-plastic composition where each unit is correctly placed and plays its role. Soft surfaces with rounded corners stand out for the additional high cushions, bent to follow the back.

Lastly, Snap is a floor unit upholstered sofa, for strongly customized solutions, to be used in linear or corner composition, with a chaise lounge, a pouf, seats, terminal and central units as well. The model stands out for its essential lines, its rigorous shapes, the geometrical matching, the unique elegance and ultra-modern proportions, making it the elective choice for comfort thanks to the back panel designed as a cushion, with an extra-feather upholstery. The structure can be raised from the floor thanks to a space or it can be leaning on four chromed or burnished metal L-shaped feet, as wide as the arm: a detail making the unit design far more precious, a metal detail standing out with a contrast shade between the base unit and the floor.

Lema offers plenty of choice to those of you seeking for cosiness and conviviality – an actual ode to the very idea of slow living. 


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by Essia Sahli / 20 September 2017


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