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Rectangular dining tables: 8 tips for conviviality enthusiasts

A great fit for large kitchens and living rooms, these functional and refined tables can accommodate a wide number of guests


A selection of 8 rectangular dining tables soon to hit the lines in 2018: a blend of bold architectural features and monolithic forms

Looking for home decor tips to shake up your large open space, massive living area or kitchen? A soon-to-be roaring trend in 2018, rectangular dining tables combine bold architectural features, crystal glass or solid marble tops, and sculptural legs aimed to turn them into modern monoliths. To pick up the right dining table is certainly a matter of personal taste. Still, there is more. See the varying dimensions of its future stage, along with its owners’ functional requirements. Indeed, compared to their fellow rounded tables, rectangular tables manage to accommodate a higher number of guests, and also provide greater flexibility when it comes to adapt to multi-functional uses and contract settings, and also to fulfil different needs.

Metropolitan is the rectangular dining table collection designed by Marco and Giorgia Giacuzzo for Italian brand Boffetto: a mix of minimalism, contemporary taste and metropolitan twist, the series is built on clean geometries and rationalist design, with essential lines being successfully turned into a bold authorial mark. This rectangular table is tightly linked to the architectural world, and plays with unexpected combinations of forms and materials for the most surprising and versatile of effects. Just give a shot to the grey porcelain top.

Born from Reflex’s long-standing experience in the field of industrial crystal glass, Signore degli anelli is a rectangular glass dining table of archetypical design. Its base is composed by Murano glass cylinders coming in a wide array of colour options – transparent, red, blue, aquamarine, amber, tobacco or amethyst – and, as stated by the name itself, evokes a far-away era. The solid wooden top is supported by cylindrical legs with burnished brass finishes. 

Expression of the decorative value of the wood, here expertly paired with fine materials, Beleos tables collection, Lombard name that evokes the concept of “family head”, is a rock by Giulio Iacchetti for Bross. Key element of the project is the structure, conceived as a real genetic matrix. From the variation of its measures, which keeps unchanged the proportions, creates in fact a family of tables of different dimensions and a coffee table line, ideal for residential and contract areas. The structure consists of a metal “beam”, made of two profiles arranged in parallel and joined by cylindrical spacers, and legs in solid wood, tapered and inclined to have a great refinement effect. Their variable section offers different prospects depending on the vantage point and expresses the Bross attention in wood processing.

Designed by Roberto Dordoni for Molteni&C, Mayfair combines a selection of geometric figures to create new geometric solids and gives rise to original items of furniture both in terms of conception and use. The Mayfair collection includes dining tables, small tables and counter tops sharing trapezoidal or truncated pyramid support plinths. Coming with transparent grey glass top with silvery central core.

Italian designer Dsvid Dolcini delves deep into the dialogue between simplicity and complexity, thus creating Alfred, a refined, versatile and functional table for Porada. Through the use of the canaletta solid walnut wood, brushed brass and tempered glass, the table reinterprets the archetype of "trestle". The project is built around the single leg, designed as a linear structure that recalls the metal reticular architectures of the 19th century.

An exclusive work by Umberto Asnago for Georgette, Blade is a rectangular table meant to explore natural materials’ expressive strength. 100% built in wood, the table features spacers of the legs made of bronze-coloured metal, and is available in two version and three dimensions.

Available in various sizes and finishes, Lou coffee tables by Christophe Delcourt for Minotti boast a truly innovative technology. Their construction is indeed especially complex and combines modern technology with cabinetmaking tradition. The contoured internal structure is in MDF, sheathed in larch veneered plywood, which is then milled along the curved edges. The larch base in prefinished Dove Grey and Licorice lacquer finish is paired with flush-set tops made of materials designed to create unexpected contrasts. The class of Calacatta marble and the depth of pâte de verre marry well with the texture and feel of the wood. 

A one-of-a-kind piece, as the name itself anticipates. Unico (the Italian word for “Unique”) by Riflessi is an acrylic dining table enhanced by the use of Tecnoril™, an innovative high-tech acrylic polymer based material with antibacterial properties. This one-piece dining table combines stunning looks with utmost functionality, while smartly mixing a smooth, extra-thin silhouette with a slightly monolithic looks. A great visual and tactile experience, the table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and comes in 3 shades: white, gray, cafe au lait.











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