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Small sofas: 6 cozy ideas for tiny living rooms

A selection of two-seater, save-space sofas that ensure comfort even in very small spaces. To enjoy alone or with your loved ones


2018 trends: a selection of small sofas – soft nests to enjoy alone or in the company of your loved ones  

The choice of a small sofa may be dictated by the need to furnish a tiny space or the will to create a more compact ‘nest’ than the usual over size sofas, a cocoon you can snuggle into, in total relaxation, sitting cozily or, better yet lying down, alone or in good company. Those who have no love for big spaces and prefer to curl up, mini-sofas are the ideal solution. They become our private havens where to spend the long, grey winter days that are ahead of us, with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. Sofas are the basic elements that, more than everything else, determine the style of our living room as a whole. That’s why even the choice of a simple two-seater sofa becomes crucial, especially in a small living room or a super tiny room, as it is often the case today in the majority of modern apartments – increasingly smaller and more functional at the same time. 

Among small-size sofas, Lennox stands out for its typically retro feel and radical design accents. Designed by Maltese-born, Milan-based designer Gordon Guillaumier for Lema, it gives a new, more elongated version to the Lennox lounge chair’s contemporary balance, designed for the same brand. The project’s inspiration came from the open petals of a flower, suspended on a bronze-finished metal light structure. An open, colorful flower, the perfect nest for reading and listening to fine music, a detail that provided inspiration for the sofa’s name as well. 

Neri & Hu’s typically Eastern taste gave birth to Ren, a small sofa that takes its name from the Chinese “ren” ideogram, which means person. Poltrona Frau succumbs to the allure of Asian charm and its graphics by marking an entire two-seater collection with the “ren” sign. Schematic, pure, geometrical, this symbol literally makes up the sofa’s main solid wood structure, outlining the sides of the two seats, with its longer segment slightly sticking out, supported by the shorter one. This essential small-size sofa is inspired by classic theatre foyer seats, traditionally a place for interaction and relaxation, giving them a new, contemporary interpretation through the combination of a free, easy style with compact, neat, super-modern shapes and volumes. Precise design choices that lend this sofa a unique character: the backrest seamlessly becoming an armrest, the deep seat, the cushion that adds a touch of comfort, giving more rhythm to the backrest’s shape. 

Rodolfo Dordoni, on the other hand, interprets the collection’s theme as the surpassing of the tyranny of the one-model in the Camden series for Molteni&C. The seating collection actually includes a variety of different finishing that makes them perfect for both private housing and the contract branch, as crucial elements to create true relaxation areas. The collection’s small, two-seater sofas feature backrests of different heights, characterized by their essential, extremely refined style, each detail enhanced by a cutting-edge technological research: pressure die cast aluminum frames foamed at differentiated heights and hi-tech, aesthetically appealing leather.

Small living rooms, furnished in the same way Fendi has been dressing generations of women, with clothes and accessories: Fendi Casa presents Audrey, a two-seater sofa inspired by an elegant, cosmopolitan lifestyle. It can be well integrated into an interior decoration project that anticipates the latest living concepts according to a sophisticated aesthetics, the result of fruitful contaminations between the design and fashion worlds. This charming velvet loveseat features a slightly rounded, soft, feminine shape. Lightweight and refined, it has no armrests, calling for a decidedly elegant posture. 

Lovers of classic sofas with more traditional shapes, the choice falls on the Jane small sofa by Emmanuel Gallina for Poliform. Subtlety and simplicity are the guidelines to this two-seater sofa, included into a compact collection focusing on intimacy and comfort. Its design plays with subtle lines with slight declivities and curves that lend this piece of furniture a stunningly dynamic appearance. 

Lastly, yet another two-seater, retro-style sofa: Jacques by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti, characterized by a soft, curved silhouette, a subtle play of different balances involving both the backrest and armrests, delicately resting on a metal base at its ends. 








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