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Poems of light: Tokujin Yoshioka and LG Milano Design Week

Together with the artist Tokujin Yoshioka, LG presents the S.F_Senses of the Future project: a fully immersive experimental voyage that puts people at its centre.

At the Milano Design Week, the home of innovation, LG has decided to make its début to celebrate its 70th anniversary.
This leader in technological innovation has decided to do it by putting itself in the spotlight.

Called S.F_Senses of the Future, this exhibition has been created in collaboration with Tokujin Yoshioka, artist and designer of international renown and LG, is on show at the Superstudio Più in Via Tortona from the 4th to the 9th April. 
The work plays with light, creating an immersive and captivating environment that puts people, nature and their complexities at its centre.

“When we were children, we freely imagined the future and saw our destinies in our dreams. S.F_Senses of the Future strives to be an expression that is simultaneously science fiction, technology and space”. This is how Tokujin Yoshioka explains the spirit and the essence of S.F_Senses of the Future, the project created in partnership with LG that illuminates our visions of the future.
The installation represents a poetic interpretation of technology able, through the vision of Tokujin Yoshioka and LG, to express the beauty of nature and of being human. A beauty that brings to light the most complex aspects of our relationship with the environment and with the senses, and which is explained through a work of art where the values of design, art and architecture are skillfully summarised. “A kind of carpet of light”, adds the Japanese artist in explanation, “that transcends the human senses”. 

The spectator is confirmed in the role of protagonist by the items from everyday life, such as the S.F chairs, 17 chairs onto which 15 mm thick OLED displays have been fitted. In this manner, the chairs simultaneously collate and reveal statistics and dynamics and, through the light vibrations, metaphorically portray the blinding velocity of modern times.

The combination of LG and Tokujin Yoshioka is a perfect union of technology, art and design: both, in fact, put people at the centre of their creations and work to create the conditions for innovation that make human – and our – lives better. Their attitude expresses a positive outlook towards the future illuminated by the certainty of improvement.
Life is good, states LG. And S.F_Senses of the Future holds out the promise that the future will be good too.

The artist

Born in Japan in 1967, Tokujin Yoshioka entered the world of art and design thanks to Shiro Kuramata and Issey Miyake, going on to open his own studio TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA INC in 2000. His most characteristic trait is the use of innovative and experimental techniques and languages that blend nature and the senses. He transcends the limits of art, design and architecture, his works have been recognised with numerous design awards, such as the Elle Deco International Design Awards Designer 2009, and have found space in some of the most renowned museums, from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York to the Vitra Design Museum in Germany.

Check out the sneak peak video!

by Content Team / 31 March 2017


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