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Yves Béhar’s Bluetooth turntable awakens the hipster in you

With LOVE, the new, 2.0 turntable, vinyl records speak today’s language of Wi-Fi, apps and Bluetooth. Nobody will style them “vintage” anymore


High-tech, compact and smartphone-connected. With his elegant design and high-tech spirit (heart), the 2.0 LOVE turntable brings vinyl pleasure to the future

Sometimes, to dream of the future, it is necessary to look back at the past. Just from a design bet suspended in time LOVE is born: the first smart, Bluetooth connected turntable in the world, designed by Yves Béhar for the startup company Love Turntable Inc

Vinyl records have never truly disappeared, on the contrary. As of late, thanks to their unmistakable sound, they seem to have come back to their old, implacable charmer role. It was a mere question of time, therefore, before someone launched themselves into the daring mission to reinvent something as timeless as a record player

For the 2.0 version of such an iconic object, Yves Béhar managed to blend the feelings awakened by listening to a record, with the extraordinary possibilities offered by the most cutting-edge technology.

The result is a sinuous-shaped device, inspired by the outline of musical instruments that wholly revolutionizes the old turntable concept: unlike its predecessors, LOVE leaves the record still while its arm rotates to scan the grooves. A small trick that highlights the high-tech side to the 2.0 turntable: its single arm is equipped with a sensor that scans the record and determines its size and number of tracks of each record. 

It will suffice to place the vinyl record on one of the two plates that come with LOVE (available in red, white or black) and, thanks to a dedicated app, a simple touch on your smartphone will move the needle from one track to the other, control the volume, and provide info about the albums and covers. 

Moreover, thanks to LOVE’s digital core, the best analog sound will be finally wireless. The futuristic turntable, in fact, can be connected, either by Wi-Fi or by Bluetooth, with any kind of sound system to spread out through the air the top modern, old pleasure of music playing from elegant grooves in the shiny black vinyl.  




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by Francesco Marchesi / 20 March 2017


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