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Design home diffusers: when perfume is an art

A fundamental element, especially during the cold season, home diffusers are also beautiful design objects. Let’s discover together our four favorite ones


Similar to huge exotic flowers, the elements of the Avery Decanter collection by Matteo Cibic are a modern, exclusive homage to the traditional art of blown-glass 

An essential asset when, with the arrival of winter, we rediscover the pleasures of domestic life, home diffusers are a polyvalent element adding style to our interiors and stimulating the senses. Electric or with sticks, they lend a welcoming mood to the home and, at the same time, they somehow tell something about our most intimate dimension. They simply help us feeling well. That’s why we’d like to make you discover several among our favorite home diffusers: just follow us through our selection and discover four design objects that are, at the same time, real style details that mirror our most private history.

Let’s start from the Decanter home diffuser by Avery. Already the collection’s name recalls an elegant glass object designed to develop a highly aromatic bouquet. With five different design versions, the Perfume Decanters series is a genuinely decorating element. Conceived by Matteo Cibic and Celso Fadelli, President and Intertrade Group Fragrance Curator respectively, these home diffusers are unique pieces, hand-manufactured by Venetian master glassmakers. A brass-based stem further highlights their organic shapes. What we see is a set of precious modern elements recalling fascinating exotic flowers, able to host and diffuse exquisite aromas and – why not? – other liquids or even small objects.

Let’s remain in Veneto and go on with the VENETIÆ home diffuser collection by Locherber Milano. A sophisticated homage to the marine city’s charm and thousand years old history. The cap of this elegant design object is made of oak wood carved out from the so-called bricole, groups of three pilings that historically mark the navigable channels in the Venice Lagoon. Here, too, matter is molded by hand by artisans drawing inspiration from the lines of ancient “shelled cube” classic capitals. In this way, every cap is equal only to itself. The blue glass hand-lacquered bottle is a further reference to the Venetian Lagoon housing a fresh, spicy fragrance.

A love for beauty and beautiful details marks the Flora home diffuser collection by Fornasetti, including a round-shaped diffuser with sticks. Decorated by the iconic, bewitching face of the lyric singer and Muse Lina Cavalieri – here in the guise of Flora, the Roman goddess of fertility – it contains voluptuous,  floral fragrances including jasmine, sandalwood, musk and ivy notes created by perfumer Emmanuel Philip.


Let’s finish our selection of home fragrances with the Aroma spray home diffusers by MUJI. A rounded, essential design made of a white cylinder enhanced by a lighting source with two different intensities with the power to strengthen the atmosphere. Available in two sizes, Aroma employs ultrasound waves to vaporize water mixed with relaxing essential oils like lavender or ylang-ylang.  


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