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Shopping guide: how to choose your mattress

A short guide to the 7 great mattresses for all tastes, budgets and sleep needs


Sleep is a serious affair, se let’s kick off our selection of short shopping guides with a brief vademecum dedicated the best mattresses on the market according to varying needs and requirements. 

When dealing with mattresses, the first question that comes to mind is: “Latex vs Memory Foam vs Spring”? The answer mainly depends on individual sleeping positions and body shapes: if lying on the back, a rigid mattress is the ideal fit (latex, for instance) as it provides excellent body support, natural spinal alignment and optimal pressure distribution. If you instead sleep on the side, the mattress needs to be soft and preferably made of memory foam. What about the good old inner-spring mattresses? Although getting a bit old-fashioned, they are still highly functional and a great option for people living in warm areas and seeking for a good aeration system (if you are into spring mattress, bear in mind that the higher is the number of springs the firmer will be the structure). 

If you go for latex mattress, remember that such material can be either natural or synthetic. The former is derived form the sap of the Havea Brasiliensis tree and is an organic material with no hypoallergenic properties; the latter is produced from liquid latex through the vulcanisation process, has similar features to its fellow natural version, and boasts hypoallergenic qualities as well as a cheaper price.

Lastly, if you opt for Memory Foam mattresses, made from flexible polyurethane foam, just be sure to get a proper quality certification in order to avoid poor or potentially harmful products for human health.

OK, go, we are now ready to unveil the best mattress systems available!

Bultex, Elements B-Fit

First founded in 1984 after the patent filing for a new innovative materiale employable in the manufacture of mattresses (the Bultex, in fact), the brand has just released Elements B-Fit, built in Bultex and Memory Foam so to provide a raised, comfortable, elastic and ergonomic support. With two distinctive layers of padded upholstery on each side (one made of Memory Foam, the other in organic cotton), the mattress is conceived to be rotated when the season changes.


Dorelan, Nube Sfoderabile 

Doreen – the first Italian company specialising in mattress production to earn the Quality Management System certification for the Design and Production of mattresses and pillows – introduces Nube Sfoderabile: an ergonomic and customisable bedding system made of 4 different types of Myform and guaranteeing an ideal pressure distribution. 


Eve Sleep

Eve Sleep is a UK-based start-up that manufactures its “mattresses rolled in a box” in Germany: the company’s main goals is to sell strictly online and reduce its shipping costs so to allow to sell the product for a third of the price of a traditional premium mattress. Their single type of mattress features a three-layer technology incorporating memory foam, a knitted two way stretch fabric cover in white and a distinctive yellow side panel. 


Hästens, Tribute bed system

Swedish brand Hastens releases a special edition of preexisting model Luxuria, which blends spring technology – with Bonnell spring system in its base, combined with a 15cm pocket spring in the upper mattress, wrapped in layers of cotton, horsetail hair, wool and flax – with new upholstery in Taupe Check jacquard fabric defined by a neutral chromatic palette.


Magniflex, MagniStretch

Designed in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza to foster the stretching of the spine, thus reducing the muscular contractions and soothing the pain to the cervical vertebrae, MagniStretch works like this: the exclusive inclined section core uses the weight of the body to stretch the back, thus increasing the space between the vertebrae.


Simmons, Excellence

Excellence features the No Flip System technology and provides strong comfort and highly ergonomic support thanks to its five-zone pad combining spring technology with multiple layers of Memory Foam and top upholstery in stretch fabric.



Tediber, the first French start-up company specialising in the online sale of mattresses, has a definitely modern and unconventional approach: it offers a single mattress model broken down into layers: the former made of responsive memory foam, the latter built in latex and springs. The Tencel upholstery is obtained from natural bamboo fibres, and has hypoallergenic and anti-mite properties. 


by Carlotta Marelli / 23 December 2017


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