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Elle Decor Italia

A set of very unusual lady’s jewels

A poor, common material like concrete has been dignified to create handcrafted earrings inspired by the concept of space


The Elements collection of lady’s jewels is made of concrete and features beautiful plays of volumes besides the traditional concrete gray in these handcrafted concrete earrings 

Who said that lady’s jewels, in order to be real jewels, should be made of precious materials? If you are in search of unconventional jewelry – objects that could perfectly embody a really metropolitan, playful and alternative spirit - forget gold, silver and diamonds and let yourselves be utterly charmed by… concrete. Yes, concrete, a poor material mainly used for practical building purposes, yet ready to transform and ennoble itself through the expert hands of visionary designers. 

Just like the ones designed by Material Immaterial Studio, able to draw from simple, tiny concrete blocks unexpected, fascinating suggestions and spatial memories. The Elements collection of lady’s earrings is a tribute to the concept of space, memory and our perception of the two – to the way they both change over time and probably even to the 14th International Architecture Exhibition curated by Rem Koolhaas, which ended last November (read also → Fundamentals: Rem Koolhaas racconta la sua Biennale Architettura).

Geometrical forms, lights and shadows give new life to concrete, which is combined with silver to give shape to seven pairs of unusual earrings, unique pieces of handcrafted jewelry, each with its peculiar details and texture, all of them purchasable together or individually. 

The architectural inspiration is visible not only in the selection of the materials but also in the beautiful play of volumes and essentiality of the lines of these exquisite handcrafted jewels that are actually stunning in their raw, unusual beauty. A beauty which is devoid of any useless frills and hence purer, able to stir the imagination, giving the most solid, rawest material the daring task to evoke an abstract, even philosophical concept such as space (read also → Wurf è una scultura moderna urbana che cambia la nostra idea di spazio).
It is no surprise, then, the choice to remain faithful to gray, the color of naked concrete that we find in all of the earrings – the color that, more than any other, succeeds in evoking a minimalist, almost futuristic dimension.

It is the underlying idea itself that makes jewels by Material Immaterial so valuable: an exploration of space recalling the work of Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher (read also → Le illusioni ottiche di Escher diventano realtà in un auditorium di Pechino) in its original use of polyhedrons and interconnected geometrical distortions generating gradually changing forms. Cubes, spirals, suggestions we are called to interpret – and, in this case, to wear.


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by Stefano Annovazzi Lodi / 5 January 2017


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