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Hublot in partnership with two renowned street artists to create a new, stunning collection of luxury watches

‘Fame vs Fortune’, a new limited edition collection by street artists Hush and Tristan Eaton for the Swiss watchmaking brand


'Fame vs Fortune', a brand-new collection of luxury watches by street artists Hush and Tristan Eaton for Hublot

Luxury watches contaminated by… street art? Surely. It is happening in New York right now. The Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Hublot celebrates their passion for art with the new ad campaign HUBLOT LOVES ART, collaborating with street artists Hush and Tristan Eaton for the launch of a new, limited edition luxury watch concept: ‘Fame vs Fortune’

Each of the two artists chosen by Hublot has given a new interpretation, in keeping with his own sensitivity, to the spirit of the two USA coasts - the West and the East Coasts -, to create the respective limited edition of brand-new Hublot watches with a strong, artistic personality. 

Hush represents Fame, symbolizing the golden dimension of Hollywood and the West Coast, while Tristian Eaton represents Fortune, embodying New York high finance world and the East Coast mindset.



The image created by Hush for his Hublot watch condenses a multitude of ideas ranging from fame to individuality and the strength of iconic celebrities, filtering them through his personal street art aesthetics. The result is the image of a posing lady immediately recalling Hollywood’s imaginary universe. 



On the other hand, Tristan Eaton’s East Coast ‘Fortune’ watch reproduces the famous Charging Bull. In origin a piece of guerrilla art, today the statue stands in New York’s financial district as a symbol of the financial success and the great spirit of the American people.

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, shared: “Hublot loves Art! This is why we are thrilled to once again partner with Tristan for our second collaboration and collaborate with Hush for the first time. This project brings together two dynamic, and unique artistic styles, each one incorporated in one limited edition by Hublot. The result is a unique and original set of 2 timepieces that I am sure, collectors of both watches and art are sure to love.”


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