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Controlling your home from wherever you are through the Edison Smart Living system

A simple, immediate home remote control system that meets the needs of a growingly connected, versatile consumer


Edison launches Edison Smart Living: smart homes and intelligent energy consumption

2017 has been the year of home automation, accompanied by an actual boom of new ideas to make one’s home a clever, “smart” home. Already since 2016, the Italian smart home market has been scoring double figures (22% more than 2015), achieving and surpassing 180million euros.  The market is still driven by a common interest in security, followed by an overall care for energetic management. In such a context, the Edison Smart Living offer has made its appearance: an innovative starter kit that promises to revolutionize every Italian’s home by means of a very simple application. 

The new smart home console features a refined, wireless design, perfect for modern homes and able to connect and (easily) manage a growing number of smart devices available on the market. Besides a videocamera-equipped gateway, alarm siren, emergency battery with hotspot functions, the system offers three further devices: a smart plug that enables users to manage remote controlled on/off switching and consumption monitoring; a motion sensor detecting a moving person, luminosity levels and room’s temperature; an opening/shutting window sensor. 

That’s not all, though. Thanks to home automation, every user can adjust smart home customized solutions to his/her own needs and desires. Consumers can, at any time, add new connected products to their own starter kit, in keeping with their private needs relating safety, comfort, energy saving and appliances remote controlling. Edison Smart Living additionally enables users to set new automatisms and sceneries to make everyday life safer and more comfortable – from the Flood Sensor, detecting the presence of water on the floor or on any other surface, to the Smoke Sensor, signaling possible fire outbreaks. In addition to these, Netatmo is a smart thermostat that allows adjusting temperatures and optimizing gas consumption, while the LED lamps Philips Hue can change their color and lighting intensity in order to create ever-new ambiences. 



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