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Shodo wallflush doors collection by Eclisse: three finish details in one

New generation interiors. Skirting, doorjamb and frame casing redesign space with a continuous line, in three dimensions

Building architecture on the basis of one single, continuous and precise line, moving freely in all three dimensions. A sign with an even thickness which goes up, down and turns to clearly trace all interior profiles. This idea forms the basis of Shodō, the series produced by ECLISSE, which integrates skirting, doorjamb and frame casing for sliding and hinged doors in one single wall-flush profile.

The origin of Shodō – which literally means the way of writing – lies in the ancient calligraphy tradition of the Far East: an elegant sign made without ever taking the brush off the white surface of the sheet of rice paper. A technique that has inspired ECLISSE designers, prompting them to transfer the same principles from the two dimensions of the page to the three dimensions of the living environment.

But the space that generates the Shodō profiles also evokes references closer to the disciplines of architecture and design, like for example De Stijl aesthetics, translated at the beginning of the last century into architecture by the Dutch master Gerrit Rietveld, or the more recent installations by Krijn de Koning, who extruded coloured lines to redesign the settings he worked on.

With Shodō, the finishes that traditionally serve to mask imperfections and small defects in floor, door and window installation become a single calligraphic sign, a fine and continuous line. The new range of ECLISSE products comes in solutions suited to different needs: sliding Shodō, a counterframe for sliding doors with wall-flush jambs and frames in a single and double door version; hinged Shodō, frame for hinged doors with wall-flush jambs and frames; skirting Shodō, profile for wall-flush skirting. All available for masonry (thickness 108, 125 and 150 mm) or drywall (thickness 125 and 150 mm), with width up to 1,000 mm and heights up to 2,400 mm. 

The new entry to ECLISSE has two features: potentially invisible and integrated with walls and floors, yet at the same time strong and distinct, like only a continuous line can be; Shodō marks an important step in the design of sliding doors which are back as protagonists in interior design.


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