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Innovation and originality

Interview with Fabiana De Luca, Marketing Manager for the brand Eclisse. The story of an Italian company synonymous with efficiency and savoir-faire


Portrait of Fabiana De Luca, current Marketing manager of the brand Eclisse

Tradition, innovation and technology are some of the watchwords that epitomise the production of the Italian company ECLISSE, specialised in making metal counterframes for sliding pocket doors and windows. Fabiana De Luca, Marketing manager of the brand, gives some interesting insight in this interview.

25 years of history and production. What stages set the company apart and what have been its most important innovations?
The history of ECLISSE officially began on 10 January 1989, when a small artisan’s steel workshop started to diversify a part of its production to make metal counterframes for sliding pocket doors and windows. The counterframe was a new and unknown product, one that naturally lent itself to standard production. It was a winning idea which struck the owner, Luigi De Faveri, during a trade fair and gave life to a much larger business project. We have come a long way since then. As regards fundamental stages, I cannot but mention the extractable track, definitely one of our most important patents. In fact we were the first to make it possible to remove the track to apply accessories or to allow for the replacement of the only mechanisms subject to wear, the runners. As for the products that made us famous, in 2002 there was the Luce counterframe, namely a model designed to house electrical cables. It basically means that on the wall where the counterframe is fitted can also contain switches, sockets and dimmers. An extremely handy and effective solution and one that means you can fully exploit even the wall containing the sliding system.

Can you briefly tell us about the size of the company in figures (quantities, turnover, production capacity, expanding markets)?
Today, in Italy, ECLISSE employs over 100 people, which rises to over 180 on a global scale, considering our 9 associated companies. As regards 2013, I can say that we ended the year with a turnover of over 40 million euro, a figure that includes both Italian turnover as well as that of our foreign associated companies. Exports currently count for 50% of Italian turnover. Speaking of the year just ended and of the Italian market alone, I can reveal that performance has been exceptional (considering the construction market), bringing an increase of 6%, that is, over one million euro. An encouraging figure which makes us hopeful for this year too. In 2014 we produced approximately 300,000 frames and counterframes.

What does it mean to design a product that is destined, by its very nature, to be hidden?
A product that is created to be hidden has to work well. The existence of a counterframe is revealed only when it doesn’t work properly. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the product development phase, an ongoing process that never ends. We try to keep improving the product and only launch it on the market when it is absolutely perfect. That is the rule for us. People who choose ECLISSE must feel safe in knowing that the product is so reliable, they can forget it even exists. And once the technology works, you can look to aesthetics.

What features distinguish ECLISSE products and make them unique in their sector?
I think that in the market we have also succeeded in making a name for ourselves for the high technological content of our products. It might seem banal, but it is no coincidence that we can boast dozens and dozens of patents on our models. All of these technical devices have enabled us over the years to meet the needs of the fitter and to make consumer themselves appreciate their importance.

How are you responding to the progressive market shift from standard to custom-made products?
I like to say that the ECLISSE product is 100% customisable, since it is high-end craftsmanship. And this is also certainly true when it comes to size, since we cover all openings, from extra-large ones to sliding systems with centimetre variations, right down to solutions for curved walls: our Circular is hand calendered and can be adapted to 7 different radii. Our range also includes telescopic models, with one or two doors, for plaster or drywall, for doors in glass or in wood. We offer a solution for all needs and one that can be interpreted as desired. Just think of the options offered by the finish-less models in our Syntesis Collection. A door can be completely hidden so it becomes an integral part of the wall, or it can take on its style like a chameleon. Then with SHODO we can focus on the profiles, without sacrificing the wall-flush effect. In short, our products not only solve a space problem but also offer countless ways of interpretation.


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Innovation and originality

Interview with Fabiana De Luca, Marketing Manager



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