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Elle Decor Italia

Let there be light: an illuminating choice

ECLISSE presents two counter frame models to enhance light sources and make our rooms bright

We concentrate on tiles, ornaments and walls. We try to combine shading and geometrics, studying the angle of the windows and sunrise and sunset times. We are prepared to do anything to add a source of light to our homes. Quite rightly: light transmits feelings of wellbeing and a light-filled room is welcoming and pleasant to be in. Focusing on furnishings, colours and lighting, however, is not enough: just as crucial in fact, is our choice of doors in the home

It is a shared opinion that sliding doors are a game changer in the world of furnishings. They have, indeed, allowed for better use of space, doing away with the space a hinged door needs for opening. It is also common knowledge that sliding doors do not allow the wall in question to be used for lighting. While the first assumption is correct, the latter could not be more wrong. For years now, counter frames have existed on the market that are designed specifically to allow for electrical wiring. This means that switches, sockets, thermostats and light sources can co-exist without interfering with the sliding of the panel. 

The ECLISSE range for lighting of walls into which doors slide has developed in two different directions, resulting in two counter frame models. Both can be adapted for drywall or masonry, both come in single and double door versions.

The first is ECLISSE Luce, the counter frame for sliding doors fitted with external trims. Its structure permits electric wiring and the installation of 10 switch boxes, 5 on one side and 5 on the other of each door.
The second model is ECLISSE Syntesis Luce, designed specifically for lovers of a minimal look. In this case, the door panel appears to have no support or external frame of any kind. Again in this case, up to 10 switch boxes can be installed per door.

You don’t need extra lightbulbs to add more light to your home, just the right counter frame

by Content Team / 21 June 2017

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