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Without Nostalgia: transformation for the Milan showroom

Manuela Pelizzon starts up a new project involving the ECLISSE showroom in Milan and her passion for the history of old floors from Salento

To be studied, interpreted and overturned: the past is our starting point for our present and future, on a par with our roots and our ideas. A glance over our shoulder is often all we need to help us take a step forward. And it is, in fact, all that was needed for architect and industrial designer Manuela Pelizzon in the creation of the new ECLISSE showroom in Milan. “Drawing on input from the past and giving it a modern makeover”: this is how Pelizzon describes her project, entitled Without Nostalgia. Because looking to the past is good, but you have to do it without nostalgia. 

“Driven by my great passion for decorations that follow one another on floors in stately homes and manor farms, I wanted to recreate the same magical atmosphere, redesigned however in a contemporary form,” explains the designer. This is the starting point for the project, which sees a reworking of the interior decor through the use of pure geometric shapes and carving on rigid media for doors and furniture.
Not only the decor but also the colours play a fundamental role in the ECLISSE showroom makeover. These, in fact, become part of the new frame of ornamental elegance, adding light and dynamics to the entire structure.

The project has been created in partnership with four different companies, which all share attention to research and an inclination for technological innovation: these two aspects have made possible the creation of interiors that develop out of the ancient into rediscovery of the modern. A further point shared by all four companies, again fundamental for the ECLISSE showroom, is their artisan skill and painstaking attention to details, making it possible for every decorative element to be continually and precisely reproduced with no interruptions between one surface and another. 

Tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and tech: dialogue between opposites promoted by ECLISSE, thanks also to collaboration with companies sharing the same desire to innovate and improve in order to deliver unique furnishing solutions. The products on display in the showroom testify to this desire and are perfect in their role as elements serving design. Although concealed, frames, counter frames and profiles are in fact the fundamental bases for ensuring high-level results. 
Their position in the showroom recalls the concept of contact between different eras. Starting with the wall on the right, which explores the contemporary, thanks to the ECLISSE Syntesis Collection, namely articles without frames that do away with visible elements. The wall on the left, meanwhile, explores the future. With the ECLISSE Shōdo Collection attention shifts to doors and finishes in general characterised by flush mounting. Finally, the room next door houses the synthesis of over 25 years of technology and knowhow: the ECLISSE luce system lights up both the room and the way for future developments. 

Showroom ECLISSE Milano
Via Molino delle Armi, 2A

by Content Team / 19 June 2017

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