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The sauna as a place of wellbeing. In spas and at home

The Nordic tradition linked to body care gets designer treatment thanks to the on trend project by Effegibi

Whether it be the icy, rather disturbing setting in which a highly tattooed Viggo Mortensen starts a no‑holds‑barred fight to the death with his adversaries in Cronenberg’s film Eastern Promises, or the smoky atmosphere that envelopes the Blues Brothers as, complete with dark shades, they negotiate one last deal with their producer, in Landis’ 1980 film of the same name, the sauna has always been an evocative place of wellbeing.

Beyond its technological characteristics, the traditional materials it is made of and the benefits it has on our body, the sauna is above all a ritual, a process of purification and relaxing for the body that is rarely enjoyed alone. Designed and produced entirely in Italy, respecting Nordic traditions, Effegibi saunas are devised for short daily pampering sessions that fit in with the times and habits of their users. Whether in the home or at your favourite wellness centre, Effegibi saunas guarantee top performance teamed with simple yet welcoming shapes.

Excellent technological performance, which aim to keep consumption down and reduce the space required combine with essential design that leaves room for the quality of the materials and above all for visual flow between inside and outside. The sauna is a place that fits in perfect harmony with other rooms in the same building. Each of the sauna lines by Effegibi, all with different sizes and looks, respects the principles of this Scandinavian ritual, translating it into contemporary shapes and sizes that can be tailor-made to suit.

We start with Auki, which in Finnish means open, a sauna with floor to ceiling door and panels in low‑emission tempered glass. It represents the Effegibi basic series, and strongly resemble classic Finnish saunas, with reworked looks and construction quality.

Logica S, designed like all the other series by Giovanna Talocci, is the reduced only sauna/shower version in the Logica range, which in Twin integrates all the benefits of a sauna and Turkish bath in a single space.

The Sky condenses all the innovations introduced with previous products. What makes Sky so special is its almost total transparency: the front and part of the ceiling are in 8 mm low-emission tempered glass. Blurring the edges between inside and outside. The door reaches up to the ceiling and can be decorated with wooden panels.

Gymline is the line designed to meet the needs of a sauna intended for public use. High quality materials and tough wooden sections make Gym saunas robust and practical. Slightly raised off the floor and fitted with benches and accessories that can easily be removed to make cleaning easier. The wide door on strong hinges lets a number of people in and out quite easily. Quality, strength, convenience and good looks all combine in the Gym sauna.

One S stands out for the exceptional quality of the materials used, that is, Canadian hemlock wood, and for the maximum functionality of its design. Available in three standard finishes, or with personalised colours, it is a highly versatile product that is perfectly suited both to public environments, such as wellness centres and gyms, and to the private domestic environment.

The innovative Air collection, designed by Talocci Design for Effegibi, has two particular features that distinguish it from the classic image of the sauna: firstly, the benches and platform are suspended above the ground, making it possible to set the sauna on the existing floor, and secondly the heater is in a central position so that it becomes the focal point of the environment, with the benches arranged around it, giving a contemporary slant to an ancient ritual where the sauna was a favourite meeting place for the community.

BodyLove S is the sauna-only version of the project by Rodolfo Dordoni and Michele Angelini. The walls are offered in two different types of wood, natural Hemlock and heat-treated solid wood, while the stove is finished in glazed ceramic, regaining its central aesthetic and functional role.


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