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Effegibi: design & wellness for spa style wellbeing

Finnish saunas and Turkish baths: the history of a company that has reworked and modernised heat rituals

Wellbeing and body care are an increasing priority today. Both at home and in structures providing hospitality. This is not news to Effegibi, a company in Romagna that since 1987, and without drifting from the philosophies at the base of traditional heat therapies, has produced Finnish saunas for hotels, resorts, fitness centres and also for the home, which in terms of design and wellness are a continually evolving field.

This has been the case for a while now. Many of the activities and rituals we were previously used to doing inside the home have moved outside, while others are moving inside, to the extent that organisation of interior layouts now includes activities such as sport, relaxing and body care.

The history of Effegibi seems to have developed hand in hand with this phenomenon, with interesting applications in both the hotel sector and that of private homes, which today represent an expanding market.

This is an important expansion to the range. Flanking design solutions with patented cutting‑edge technology, Effegibi has devised products for the home that deliver the same performance as their professional equivalents. The strong point: technology combined with the tradition of rituals. The evolution in Effegibi saunas and hammams in nearly thirty years of business has seen a gradual miniaturisation of the devices required to generate hot air and steam for maximum integration with available space. No more separate “bits” tailored to fit the size and layout of the rooms in question; now they are real spaces to be enjoyed all the time, in harmony with the rest of the house.

Tracing this path of evolution, the Finnish sauna was the first product developed by the group. In 1998, after years of research and experimentation, Effegibi created Eurek, marking a break with the traditional image of the Finnish sauna. The large expanses of curved glass, attentive finishes, sizes suitable for rooms in the home made Eurek the first real domestic alternative to products designed for wellness centres. It was quickly followed by: Master, Logica and Koko, the Effegibi bestseller in six different sizes from XXL to XS, Auki and the latest addition Sky, each one conceived as an important stage along a path of research.

Sky in particular, condenses all the innovations introduced in the previous series. What makes it so special is its almost total transparency: the front and part of the ceiling are in 8 mm low‑emission tempered glass. The result is a blurring of the edges between inside and outside.

In 2000, Effegibi started development of the Hammam Project, which allowed home shower spaces to be turned into a private Turkish bath with professional‑level performance. In the same way as with its saunas, the company started to offer private individuals the chance to create their very own hammam, offering steam generators of varying capacities, accessorised doors in different finishes and exclusive fittings.

And that's not all: Effegibi follows and assists correct installation of the project, which requires a series of precautions to be taken: the steam, for example, once generated, must be released inside the shower box, which must be correctly sealed and insulated to ensure that temperature and heat stay the same. Effegibi still provides all the elements necessary, including plans. In detail this means:  insulating material for the walls, steam generator, control panel, steam outlet, fittings (not just benches, but also the spring of water with bowl for cooling down), tempered glass doors with ad hoc frames to hold in the steam and maintain the temperature.

Some of these elements have been combined to create Omnia doors and the more digital solutions Touch&Steam, Aquasteam and Easysteam

Omnia was launched in 2006. This system integrates a hammam door with a very small accessorised column containing all the connections, controls and main functions. It was followed, just a few months later by Omniasteam, “your hammam in a door”. It consisted of an openable glass panel combined with a floor to ceiling aluminium strip, 19 cm wide and 8 cm deep, featuring all the technology necessary for a hammam - including the steam generator - easy to install yet guaranteeing professional‑level performance.

Touch&Steam, Aquasteam and Easysteam are more recent products, sheets of tempered glass that contain the maximum technology available today in the field of steam production. Their touchscreen controls light up the glass and enable selection of the various functions: steam, hot shower, heating, white or chromotherapy lighting.

A separate mention must be made of Logica Twin, the revolutionary system designed in 2012 by Talocci Design, the harmonious combination of the Finnish sauna and the Turkish bath, further developing the Logica sauna project. The two elements differ in technology and materials used: fine Canadian Hemlock wood for the sauna and laminated porcelain tiles for the hammam.

But Effegibi design does not just focus on concealing all the techno elements in favour of maximum enjoyment of our homes: with Topkapi, in 2014, the company gave the hammam a very harmonious, beautiful, formal new look, thanks to input by Rodolfo Dordoni and collaboration with Michele Angelini. The quality of the materials, which even include Carrara, Botticino or Marquina marble, teak and tempered double‑glazing, combined with cutting‑edge technology in terms of steam generation and light management have led to creation of a unique product. Designed in 4 different sizes, from the smallest at 150x90 to extra‑large at 190x130, Topkapi makes it possible to team different combos of finishes and materials.

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A mission of wellbeing

Marco Borghetti, CEO of Effegibi


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