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An elevator with Gothic glazed sections: how to revamp a period house

Bright nuances, vintage touches and contemporary taste: Quintana Partners delivers playful and bold restyling in Frankfurt

@ Quintana Partners

Imagine to live in a period stately townhouse with high ceilings and decorated windows. Well, an elevator would certainly be a plus to stop running up and down the stairs, but also a potential desecration of such temple of old-fashioned allure. I mean, a steel box thrown amidst a heaven of ancient furniture? Nah, that would be like a foreign body, an unforgivable attack to beauty… unless you clad it church-like coloured glass. You heard it right: this way, the steel frame just vanishes underneath, while smart lightings help create a stunningly evocative effect. The so-called “Gothic elevator” is merely one of Quintana Partners’ numerous strokes of genius aimed at restyling an ancient, decaying property in the heart of Frankfurt.

@ Quintana Partners

After all, the Spanish creative think-tank has always grown a real love for abandoned and cracking buildings. Whether period architectures or dismissed industrial warehouses, they first kick off from the venue’s original history, and later mix it with contemporary hints in the name of stylistic contamination. To this end, original materials and old architectural features are intertwined with more modern solutions to create an eclectic, almost lyrical combination of urban chic inspiration.

@ Quintana Partners

A sharp path unravels though this five-storey historical building, tracing a clear distinction between different areas and equally serving as layout’s fil rouge. Stretching from the floors to wall cladding panels, timber plays definitely a major role: indeed, a respectful restoration was implemented with the help of local artisanal masters in order to enhance the venue’s original feel, with wooden beams, old windows and exposed brick walls popping back out as authorial marks.

@ Quintana Partners

Although the original shell was devotedly renovated and kept intact, the ancient house’s innate warm an traditional feel was a bit of a constriction: hence the use of hazardous furniture and chromatic palette to give each room its own unique and daring twist. The lower floors comprise all social halls, while the more private environments were arranged on the upper levels. The kitchen unit, living area and bathrooms are defined by essential and modern furnishings, while the night-area tries a wilder and more personal style.

@ Quintana Partners

So here’s a world map painted on the ceiling, with a glasses-shaped psychedelic neon sign peeking out the window: welcome to the kids room, nothing but a comfy and fun treasure island; as for the “grown-ups”, the master bedroom and attic studio may be found on the upper floors. Scattered throughout the house, there is a vintage bonanza collected from antiques markets here and there, and made of retro chandeliers set to provide an unexpected and harmonious touch to strictly functional habitats – see the kitchen and kids playrooms.

@ Quintana Partners

Each room boasts its own peculiar, vibrant, bright array of colours – ranging from teal green to plum: a great demonstration of Spain’s relentless estro and its capability of shaking up Germany’s most traditional severity. 


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