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Nya Nordiska latest collections premiere at Imm Cologne: new graphic patterns, natural fibers and a new palette

Textile designer Sylvia Riegger illustrates five brand-new textile collections


Nya Nordiska latest collections at Imm Cologne 2017

Nya Nordiska headquarters are in a happy, celebratory mood after this year’s edition of the Imm Cologne trade fair. The Lou fabric, created in partnership with designer Sebastian Herkner, has just won the Wallpaper Design Award 2017. The decision to display the brand’s latest collections at the German fair has proved once more both brave and successful. 

Brave, yes, since only nine textile brands were exhibiting at the Cologne kermesse this year. In addition to this, it is not easy to set up a stand to present yards of fabrics, each one with its peculiar background that can obviously escape the attention of hasty visitors. The German company, however, that boasts branches in Como, Tokyo, Paris and London, selling its products in more than 80 different countries worldwide, loves challenges, and that’s why we had the opportunity to admire many different new collections in Cologne. How does a textile collection arise? What inspirations are hidden behind a new piece of fabric, what are the leading trends in 2017? We asked Sylvia Riegger, textile designer at Nya Nordiska, to recount how several of her newly issued patterns took shape. 

«The inspiration to create textile graphic motifs may be literally drawn from anything: a feeling, a landscape, a shade of color. Through the Coast series, for instance, we wanted to create relaxing patterns, to enjoy in the privacy of our homes. Hence we draw the stylized motif of a flight of birds: a simple though extremely heartening theme».

«With the Luxury Life collection and the Opera fabric, on the other hand, we imagined patterns that evoked an ideal elegance of the kind one would associate to a special dress for an evening at the theater or at a formal event: therefore we chose dark tones with gold and bronze details».

«Nya Nordiska signature motif has always been stripes, to which we managed to give ever different interpretations over the years. With the Clouds fabric we tried to outdo ourselves by creating an intriguing optical effect. On one side the fabric features simple stripes, while seen from the other side it offers a motif of soft clouds showing through the weave». 

«Natural fibres are 2017’s trend in fabrics, especially treated by adding decorations made from different materials, as in the Eriko collection, which is made of pure linen, decorated with hand-made paper motifs directly stitched on it».

«Among the latest tones we’ve developed, in fine, our 2017 trend is represented by a new color we named Jade: easy to match and extremely versatile in its infinite shades».



by Maria Chiara Antonini / 8 February 2017


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