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An Airbnb apartment in Paris opens in front of your eyes – just like a pop-up book

The Marie-Joséphine project features a wall concealing a sequence of hidden niches, all of them amazing

Bertrand Fompeyrine

The Marie-Joséphine project by Studio Batiik, a new Airbnb 11sqm apartment in Paris

If you happen to be Airbnb fans, too, maybe in Paris… well, in that case there is one more apartment to add to your list – created by Studio Batiik in no less than the 10th Arrondissement, in the heart of the French capital. Since 2007 the accommodation-sharing site Airbnb has been putting in contact people in search for lodgings or a single room for short periods of time throughout the year. A few months ago, the site acquired this new address, adding it to the many different locations it already offered – castles, boats and even igloos scattered around the world among them. The mini flat (just 11sqm), obtained from the former personnel quarters of an elegant, larger home, has acquired a truly unique contemporary personality through Studio Batiik’s careful transformation work. In order to maximize the small space, the Studio conceived a wall concealing a series of secret niches - just as a pop-up book might do. Hidden behind the wall’s bright pastel colors you can find not only a kitchenette, a fridge and an oven, but also a small table with two stools that, once opened, light up in a vibrant electric blue. The new Marie-Joséphine project on Airbnb features an extremely chic and very Parisian allure, made of light shades – bright and nude white – and a contemporary architectural character dominated by soft shapes and classic arches. 

Behind those arches, you can find literally anything; so much so that these bare 11sqm seem to be amazingly much more. To anyone speaking of ‘classic’ elements, though, Studio Batiik director Rebecca Benichou, along project manager Sarah Chayeb, replies that, more than by ancient Greece, she was inspired by Moroccan style “even though no one noticed!”, she states with a laugh. The brief for the two architects was something of a challenge: the hard task to create a project that would stand out from Airbnb’s many rental offers. Their mission seems to have been 100% accomplished – and that, moreover, in an impeccably classy, minimalist style. 

Thanks to its neat, linear shapes, the one-room flat’s interior design manages to convey a smooth, homogeneous taste that seems to combine touches of different styles. Here we can find classic arches, Gustavian pastel colors, soft, almost organic lines, north-African echoes, all of them deftly mixed with a perfectly dry minimalism. 

Opposite to the pop-up wall, we can find the bedroom/living room, which includes a futon and a small, wood-green table, which perfectly works as a micro-partition between the living and dining areas. Finally, the bathroom – it, too, hidden behind one of the wall’s arches and dominated by a full-length mirror. A light pressure on the mirror and, lo and behold!, one finds oneself in an under-stair closet cladded with light grey tiles, perfectly equipped with shower box and toilet. To crown it all, a small balcony with a stunning view on the city. A cutting-edge project, which puts a decided strain – perhaps finally solving it – on the physical law of the impenetrability of matter through a successful contemporary design intervention.



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