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Neither brasserie nor jazz club: this is the perfect bar (in Athens)

Papillon, a new bistrot in the Greek capital featuring all the glamour of the best Western bars


An eclectic, beautifully designed bistrot in Athens: the Papillon all-day bar & restaurant

With its Parisian flair and New York dynamism, Papillon is a new Athens bar combining the styles of different ages. Located in the Neo Psychiko neighborhood, to the north of the Greek capital, this bistrot embodies a sum of the two fashions that made the success of a certain way to live the street, on the two shores of the Atlantic, over the last century. 

From the Belle Époque to the Jazz Age with some touch of Victorian eccentricity, we can well say that Minas Kosmidis [Architecture in Concept] have managed to create the ideal bar, the synthesis of a lifestyle that has remained unchanged despite the passing of empires.

Entering the establishment, you are welcomed by the bar area, where an international clientele can enjoy great classic cocktails, the symbols of as many remembrances for so many young people from all over the world. The flooring, including hardwood and terrace slabs, create a light, elegant ambience further enhanced by the presence of wooden chairs with green leather upholstery and numerous mirrors. 

Typical outdoor tables of Paris brasseries with their black iron bases chromatically recall the bistrot seats of the white marble counter. Floral wallpapers paying homage to early 1900s taste is attenuated by a selection of paintings depicting ideal portraits of the bistrot patrons, quirkily aligned high up just below the ceiling.

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The restaurant area is a more orderly arranged space. The key feature is a pitched glass roof, another homage, along the plants that flow off the pendant lights, to the passion for floral décor and botanical glasshouses. The color palette includes Bordeaux tiles, black partition walls and sage green sofas and walls. 

In the back, a deli bar alludes to Victorian food markets in European cities, while minimal brass light fittings and cabaret paintings provide a subtle reference to the legendary Roaring Twenties.

Despite the abundance of references to the past and the almost obsessive care for chromatic coherence, both settings boast a pleasantly arranged, essential décor, light years away from the extravagancies of the atmospheres they recall and perfectly in keeping with contemporary aesthetic sensibility. 


by Stefano Annovazzi Lodi / 7 February 2018


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