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Cafe & Spa: Hanoi’s most stunning green ecosystem

Koi Cafè & Spa is a one-of-a-kind venue featuring a small, self-contained ecosystem: a mix of green philosophy and harmonic nature


Farming Studio, with headquarters in Brescia, Italy, and Vietnam, has freshly delivered the Koi Cafè & Spa: located in Hanoi, the venue is inspired to urban agriculture and features an aquaponic vegetable garden which allows for the creation of an actual self-contained ecosystem. The structure is a blend of fishes, aquariums and plantations, with a soft spot for koi carps, known as the Japanese national fish and as a icon of perseverance and strength. 

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Such masterpiece of creativity and engineering by Farming Studio is sure to blow your mind: an indoor waterfall flows down into an halfway basin and then straight into the fish pond, which is filled with koi carps and their shimmering white/red nuances. For a definitely striking visual and emotional impact! The integrated aquaponics farm stands at the core of the project, by combining two circulatory systems – aquaculture and horticulture – in perfect symbiosis. 

Inspired to genuinely “green” architectural codes, the water feature is far from being merely ornamental and instead oxygenates the water for the fish: waste produced by the koi carp is pumped into a planted tank placed on the third floors, where bacteria in the soil turns the ammonia excreted by the fish into nitrates that can be benefited from by the surrounding trees at a second stage. Fish are key players in such environmental-friendly ecosystem aimed at cut down pollution and reduce the use of herbicides and antiparasitics. 

The lush vegetation is dotted with wisteria here and there, while the upper level is clad with solar panels meant to actively produce energy. And what about km0 food? The cafe uses strictly locally sourced ingredients (coming straight from its farms) in the name of healthy diet and seasonal dishes. Lastly, the material palette is no exception: selected because of its availability in the local region, recycled wood recovered from old pallets was reused to crate furniture and ceilings and generate a visual continuity between the bar, the greenery and water for the most peaceful and cozy feel. The double perforated façade echoes the scales of the koi carp, and mixes the brick wall with bending, concrete tiles of reddish colour. In other words, Farming Studio is back to exalt the importance of nature and its tight link with man.

by Elena Marzorati / 8 January 2018


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