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Elle Decor Italia

A bed and breakfast by Nook Architects in Barcelona

Bed & Blue, the new hospitality project designed by Spanish studio Nook Architects in the heart of the Catalan capital

It’s called Bed & Blue the brand-new bed & breakfast in the heart of Barcelona designed by Nook Architects. The Catalan studio composed by Ana García, Joan G Cortés e Rubén F Berenguer designs interiors with a functional approach that tends to make the most of every space by introducing minimalist furnishings, bright colors and different materials. Just before the building’s opening the architects have explained their goals and the creative processes which gave birth to their works.

This design project is divided into two parts. The upper floor, which has already been completed, and the lower floor, which is under construction. What end result do you have in mind?

Ana: 6 double bedrooms with private bathroom, each with its own balcony or outdoor patio, a small galley to prepare breakfast and a common room on the ground floor, oriented towards the main street. From here the guests will be able to admire the lively street facing the bed & breakfast.

Let’s talk about your choice of materials and colors. Brick walls in the bedrooms and big blue tiles in the bathrooms. What effect did you want to achieve?

Joan: As far as the kitchen is concerned we wanted to create a contrast between the natural color of ceramic and the deep blue of the tiles. We liked the natural effect of the bricks, which perfectly match wood as well as all the other elements in the house. Moreover, exposed bricks need little maintenance and are very resistant, which is perfect for an accommodation facility.

Kitchen, living room and part of the bathroom have no doors. Why?

Rubén: We wanted to let in as much light as possible, creating a strong visual relationship between adjoining spaces. Playing with light was very interesting. The absence of doors in these spaces has played a fundamental role in achieving our desired effect.

Your projects are usually characterized by the introduction of strikingly modern elements in places that maintain classical elements (e.g., the floors). What is the objective of your choice, beyond the beauty of the final effect?

Ana: We wanted to create something original through the meeting of the old and the new. What is old, contrary to what one may believe, has almost always a great potential and, above all, great virtues of adaptability towards new uses and needs.






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by Valentina Mariani / 16 March 2016


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