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Black and white furniture of Scandinavian inspiration: juicy tips from Helsinki

Relaxing Nordic-inspired interiors define black&white two-room flat by Laura Seppänen in the Finnish capital


Two-room apartment in Helsinki boasts nordic furniture designed by Laura Seppänen Design Agency: an hymn to minimalism

To opt for Nordic-inspired interior decor is always a nice touch – same for black&white furniture. Indeed, although a seemingly easy go, the choice to embrace the two-toned rigour and Scandinavian essential design often hide a strong will of uniqueness and customisation.

Laura Seppänen Design Agency approached a two-room apartment in Helsinki as if it was a blank page waiting to be filled, by working consistently with the owner’s preferences – none other than the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Finland, Stina Mäntyniemi.

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Breezy all-white tones expand from the walls to floorings and ceilings, in order to maximise the amount of natural daylight and creating a plain canvas for contrasting modern black&white furniture, like the dark sofa cushion covers and legendary Bertoia Diamond Chair. Also, the absence of any curtain or rug is compensated with a keen selection of textile complements, whose sophisticated textures and geometric patterns mark both the living area and master bedroom. 

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Lastly, a fine collection of matte black&white/neutral grey furniture with Scandinavian twist is stealing the show: see the faux fur chairs and sinuously shaped vases, not to forget the prints hanging on the walls paired with cubic candelabras and minimalistic kitchenware. The cherry on top? A few, rare hints of natural green here and there!



by Essia Sahli / 20 March 2017


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