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The Eccentric Trappings of Boho Chic

An essential guide to the funky, modern style. From its origins to the key pieces to have for a home that’s both hippie and elegant

© Adrian Gaut

Furnishings in Boho Chic call on the Moroccan accents that speak to our inner sense of adventure and desire to travel the world. Between the richly saturated colors and fabrics to the opulent textures and domestic greenery, multi-colored lights are designed to create a soft glow that unites the various eclectic elements. 

Characterized by an absence of guidelines and a strong, free spirit of the inhabitants, the hardest part is to get a firm grasp on how to do it right with no rules. Using Boho style without creating a chaotic ensemble of furnishings at home is no easy feat. 

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Boho Chic Style: The Origins

Like the name implies, boho chic is an exploration or reinterpretation of the boho style, developed in the 19th century and closely linked to the hippie movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Although the origins of the “Vie Bohème” go back quite a way, it wasn’t until the 2000’s that contemporary culture truly caught on. 

Bohemian style has always been closely associated with the anti-conformist culture, especially towards the trends of the time, which has linked it to the intellectuals on the margins of society. In the world of art and fashion, as we all know, it just takes a bit of time before older styles make their way back to the limelight. In the case of Bohemian decor, it was the “chic” aspect that rendered the style more adaptable and diluted the far-out designs of an eclectic past. 

Boho Chic Style: The Furnishings

Manifesting the sentiments of rebellion and freedom from the confines of artistic trends and societal norms, Bohemian Chic looked to break the monotony of elegant and modern interiors with vintage elements and artisan furnishings. It’s because of this that you’ll likely never see two identical interiors with objects produced in series. The exclusivity and uniqueness of each item is what sets the style apart and what makes each environment truly one of a kind. Whether its soft tatami, covered with colorful geometric motifs or hammocks hanging from the ceiling, comfort is key along with a strong sense of savoir-vivre. The importance of free expression creates a personal space worthy of being called home.

 In Bohemian Chic style, all furnishings, all objects, and each decorative element should hold a story or a personal connection. Furniture between the modern and the funky, fill all spaces to a give an eccentric vibe full of color and intriguing artifacts.

Photo © Ilana Bessler 

The Boho Chic Home

In a Boho Chic home, greenery plays a major role. Plants are easily adapted to any environment and help blend together the various elements of a space. Vegetation can also be used to divide an area with large vases in unusual locations next to the botanical art pieces or old garden maps purchased on your travels. 

It’s time to get those boxes of memorabilia and souvenirs out, Boho Chic style is calling.

Foto Courtesy of Justina Blakeney (leggi anche: Justina Blakeny: tutti i segreti del Jungalow spiegati da chi l'ha creato)

by Austin Sawhill / 11 March 2018


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