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Elle Decor Italia

10.Creative Drink, Shenzhen’s latest social club

A brand-new place-to-be, mixing art, entertainment and business in a versatile venue embodying China’s experimental vein

@ Chao Zhang

Shenzhen's latest design bar: 10.Creative Drink

Getting noticed in a super-crowded street full of stylish hangouts and business activities is no easy task. The new 10.Creative Drink design bar has made it, though. This multi-functional space, part bar, part store, part cultural hub, has found ways to make a name for itself, focusing on bold shapes and colors in order to avoid being swallowed up by ordinary city chaos. Do not let its English name – 10.Creative Drink - fool you: we are in the middle of the lively, turbulent Futian District in Shenzhen, one of the most prominent cities in South China. 

Photo credits © Chao Zhang

Here, among soaring skyscrapers and a constantly changing skyline, a good 30% of the country’s GDP is produced, thanks to, above all, technological experimentation. It is only natural that design loves to be daring in these parts as well. Which is exactly what CM Design local creatives did by renovating a pre-existing hangout in order to make a multi-faceted, unconventional design bar, with the aim to interact with its urban setting and community in a new, more stimulating and complex way. A successful combination of business, entertainment and art: this is 10.Creative Drink underlying idea – an electric blue spot immediately attracting the eye of anyone passing by. 

Photo credits © Chao Zhang

The place includes two floors and features a sculptural, striking façade, a square-shaped, imposing yet playful metal framework. The ample ground floor glass wall opens onto the street while huge, squeeze box-like pillars rhythmically mark the upper level. An industrial style spiral staircase connecting the two floors and protruding towards the outside, with its curved lines, softens the space’s geometric regularity.

Photo credits © Chao Zhang

The design bar interiors feature an electric blue casing defining and wrapping the whole space, drawing solid patterns that eventually turn into openings and ledges, behind which a raw brick wall peeps out. The concrete flooring adds to the place’s raw, gritty and characterful traits. The suffused light coming from spotlights set into the blue ceiling blends into the chromatic kaleidoscope coming from the street, creating an intimate ambience, at the same time maintaining the connection with the bar’s surroundings. 

Photo credits © Chao Zhang

The surface area is rather small – 100sqm in total – and yet is has been arranged in order to contain different activities and functions in a fluid, versatile ensemble. The ground floor houses a big counter where drinks are prepared, a shop and a communal lounging area. For a little more privacy, guests can move to the upper floor, where ample tables are perfect even for business meetings – always accompanied by a strong artistic inclination, though. As a matter of fact, exhibitions and events take place here too, effortlessly transforming the place into a gallery or even a club: the essential setting evocative of lysergic and underwater-like echoes, lends itself to a variety of different uses, leaving the choice to a demanding, curious and dynamic clientele typical of a big city. 

Photo credits © Chao Zhang

The final achievement is an eclectic, contemporary club that eludes all definitions and labels. A catalyst of urban energies, a platform for cultural, social and commercial exchange, deeply wrapped-up into a constantly changing metropolitan tissue, and yet immediately recognizable, identity-related and highly magnetic. 

Photo credits © Chao Zhang


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