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Something was missing in Copenhagen hospitality: the Sanders Hotel. New and iconic, it is already holding the spotlight

A new luxury boutique hotel in the Danish capital that has already made a name for itself… even before opening


The new Sanders Hotel is due to open on 1 November in Copenhagen

“Why is it that difficult to find a good hotel room in Copenhagen?” an article read on Bloomberg a couple of months ago. Matt Gross, the author of the piece, argued that “despite the Danish capital’s reputation as a leader in the field of design, architecture and food – hospitality’s elementary particles – the hotel scene is still to be developed. Copenhagen hotels are not that bad, of course. They simply fail to raise the same enthusiasm created by other realities, such as the world famous top restaurant Noma”. The article was about The Krane, a luxury two-person retreat built within a former industrial coal crane located in a Copenhagen harbor (find out more here). And yet it could provide the perfect foreword to writing about the new Sanders Hotel, helping readers understand why, over a week away from its opening – the inauguration is going to take place on November, 1st – the new design hotel has already become the talk of the town.  

Browsing through the pictures that have already started to circulate, one can easily imagine some of the reasons that have brought the Sanders to the forefront of public attention, even before opening its doors to guests. Its interiors, entirely furbished by studio Lind + Almond, are simply impeccable. A harmonious blend of vintage design furniture combined with contemporary decorative elements – not to mention the almost obsessive care lavished on the choice of each single tiny detail. The whole of it further emphasized by that special light we can only find in Scandinavian countries. 


Moreover, if one takes into account the preciousness of the materials chosen to decorate all of the hotel’s 52 rooms – an elegant succession of marbles, precious woods and burnished metals – the new Danish boutique hotel cannot but become the next Mecca for all fans of interior décor and Nordic style. A selection of emerging artists have also been commissioned by Dais Contemporary to make exclusive artwork throughout the hotel, among them Mat Chivers, Pavlina Ecclesiarhou, Emma Bennett and Elke Sada.

Located in Copenhagen historical center, in the capital’s most fashionable district among art galleries, theaters and historic buildings, the Sanders Hotel is the latest jewel of Alexander Kølpin from the Kølpin Hotels group. “Entering this new hotel will be like entering a theater,” the famous owner said. “Such well-finished interiors and the gorgeous hospitality guaranteed by our hotel staff will make guests feel always in the spotlight, just like on a real stage”. 

by Maria Chiara Antonini / 4 October 2017


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