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Hotel W lands to Goa, India: a mix of cultural tradition and New Age spirituality

Psychedelic interiors & traditional architecture: Hotel W Goa is a promising break-through in India’s major fashion hub

Rolf Tooten

Hotel W Goa is a daring blend of contemporary design, psychedelic culture, local traditions and New Age spirituality

The best way to introduce Hotels W is to mention their strictly key locations: indeed, the world-renowned hotel chain has picked Goa for its Indian debut, a stunning city with a vibrant nightlife, buzzing cultural scene and colourful fashion trends scattered all around town. Also, Goa is widely known for its such natural surroundings, including breath-taking stretches of shore like Vagator Beach facing the Arabian Sea. A truly emblematic land, Goa was first founded by Portuguese colonies five hundred years ago – the original Fort is still alive and kicking and towering the hotel – and has been attracting hordes of nomadic travellers looking for prosperity, spiritual redemption, or simply adventure from any corner of the world. It also provides fertile ground for underground/alternative cultural communities, which have been tirelessly flourishing here over the last decades: from hippies in search for the Promised Land, to yoga enthusiasts and contemporary fans of the unburning.

That is why Hotel W Goa went for an utterly daring design to stand out as quite a unique solution against the local hospitality facilities. Located in between the jungle and the coastline, the hotel features 160 guest-rooms divided across villas, chalets, a suite, as well as an Extreme WOW Villa that provides a quirky version of the more conventional “Presidential Suite”. Set one-hour flight from Mumbai and barely 90-minute drive from Goa International Airport, the W Escape is a work by designers at Eco-ID in partnership with interior design studio Wilkes, which created an artful amalgamation of W Hotels’ dazzling vibes with Goa’s rural and dramatic landscape.

The entrance is defined by a golden, mosaic-inlaid totem and a series of large, unframed doors ornated with the works of local artist Subodh Kerkar – both a representation of the moon’s lunar phases and a shout-out to Goa’s non-stop party culture. A few steps away, the reception counter clad in immaculately white shells hides a gorgeous wall mural by Indian street artist M. Narayan. The interior layout is an homage to Goa’s overlaying local and foreign cultures: each guest-suite boasts psychedelic design and a lurid chromatic palette – see the reflective metal doors with purple door knobs to the wardrobes that don’t allow guests to see themselves clearly while instead giving them a blurred vision of their silhouette and movements.

Lighting proves just equal: each room is furnished with a seemingly suspended chandelier that is actually a stencilled artwork on the ceiling, while the bathroom mirrors are meant to resemble a Bodhi leaf that is often associated with New Age spirituality and pensive meditation. A luxurious SPA inspired to Pompeii’s thermal baths unfolds into the basement, and comprises private treatment rooms, steam, sauna and Oxygen room. The cherry on top? The Rock Pool, an outdoor cliffside infinity pool offering sweeping panorama and an energetic feel. 




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