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5 inspiring ideas to furnish your small modern house

Check out a bunch of stylish yet space-optimising design solutions to furnish your small modern flat

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How to furnish small-dimensioned environments? Generally speaking, architects go through the challenge of making mini-flats comfortable with quite a dose of creativity. Their goal? To maximise any small setting’s potential by enhancing its functionality and focusing on smart and versatile furniture, such as extendible tables, folding chairs, pull-out beds and multifunctional wall units. If space-optimising, custom-made solutions are here meant to shake up domestic habitats without sacrificing a bold hint of sophistication, then here’s 5 inspiring ideas to give your house of small dimensions a unique and ultra-functional touch

Let’s hop to London, where a former garage now relives as a 13 square-metre mini flat. The restyling project comes straight from co-founders of Studiomama Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama, who drew their main inspiration from trailers and small crafts’ interior volumes. Indeed, a soothing cocooning effect results from the combination of wooden walls, ceilings and floorings with a neutral chromatic palette and built-in furniture – see the pull-out bed folding into the wall when not in use (read full article)?

We moved to Montmartre, one of the most charming and iconic district in Paris, where a young fashion designer proudly owns a 72 square-metre mini apartment resulting from the Hike restyling project by Studio Sabo. An hyper-versatile wall stands at the core of the house, serving as workspace, wardrobe, vertical garden and zig-zag staircase (read full article).

Same scale for this 73 square-metre dwelling lying by the Malvarrosa Beach, in the peculiar neighbourhood of “El Cabañal” at Valencia city, Spain. The renovation project by Studio Ambau aimed at enhancing the outdoor areas, with only the bathroom being secluded in an enclosed and limited space. Here, the originally dense and deep volume was put in prospective value: interior partitions were deleted to create a unique and versatile space, so that the main work was based on removing and selecting the structural elements due to stay; lastly, a seemingly floating platform was added in the middle of space (read full article).

Now back to France, especially in Bordeaux, where the Atelier Miel managed to create a cozy and functional abode of barely 45 square-metres. The design strategy focused on the use of convertible furniture with hidden pop-up compartments – take the bookcase in the living, for instance, which easily turns into dining table, relax corner and well-equipped workspace (read full article).

Our European journey in search of inspiration on how to furnish our tiny homes wraps up in Rotterdam, Holland, where we squeeze in a small and narrow property of 3.4-metre width and 20-metre depth. Delivered by young Dutch architects Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman from SkinnySCAR Studio, the project aims to mend the urban fabric in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in town through the creation of a two-storey mini flat featuring a two-volume cluster in the middle of the building (read full article).

by Alessandra D'Angelo / 17 March 2017


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