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The 8 essential rules to decorate interiors in Wes Anderson style

It is not just the pink of The Grand Budapest Hotel: Wes Anderson’s world is diverse and colourful. But most of all it is fun, also to reinterpret.


Internet is a wonderful place because things like Accidental Wes Anderson, exist. It is a subreddit whose users from around the world share the addresses of places that evoke the film director’s aesthetics: from Hong Kong to Scotland, from Cuba to Lake Como, you’ll find buildings, underpasses, swimming pools, hotels — even lampposts — that are reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s films and of that special mood that characterises his spaces. But what does that mood consist of? And how do you recreate it in your home?

There are two options to do that: watch all his movies again and take notes, or read below. And then watch all his movie again, without having to take notes.

1. Steer clear of what’s in fashion

The first fundamental rule of every Wes Anderson’s film, interior, costume, or character is to be absolutely unique, far removed from any predefined vogue or style. So, forget trends and just look for objects that tell your story, or that of your characters.

2. Have fun

Pick furnishings that manage to get a smile, regardless of how kitsch they may be. Think about the somewhat awkward furniture in Moonrise Kingdom, and the sense it gives of grandma’s home organised disorder. Don’t you feel comfortable already?


3. Mix and match

Be eclectic and buy the pieces over time, combining different styles and periods: much of the charm of The Grand Budapest Hotel derives from the juxtaposition of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles to vintage pieces.


4. Go for gold

Use gold. If you have to reupholster an old, battered piece of furniture, the power of a gold leaf is incredible. And, if you look carefully, in almost all of Wes Anderson’s interiors you’ll find a small gleaming detail.

5. Dare

Play with texture: colourful fabrics and flamboyant prints are extremely important to add personality to a room. Would The Darjeeling Limited have been the same without those blue brocades?


6. Attention to detail

Cure every detail, without forgetting everyday objects: we’ll all remember Margot Tenenbaum for her accessories, the striped wallpaper, and her princess pink phone.


7. Ton sur ton

Use pastel tones and combine them: the entire love story of Moonrise Kingdom takes place in khaki-on-khaki interiors, broken by gashes of blue and yellow.

8. Frame

If you’re not sure how to lay out your furniture, rely on symmetry. Wes Anderson does so constantly in his frames (there’s even a video that gathers them all together).

by Carlotta Marelli / 9 January 2018


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