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The 5 most beautiful spas in the world to get regenerated this winter

Health, beauty, body care and wellbeing in a designer environment: here are the spas awarded with the AHEAD prize

Courtesy of W Dubai
Courtesy of AHEAD Awards/ Hotel W Dubai

Wellness, health, and design: in short, the ideal spa acknowledged every two years at the AHEAD Awards ceremony, which this year took place at the Hotel W in Dubai (PHOTO) for the MEA

Are you looking for relaxation and wellbeing, in a word, for a spa?But which are the most beautiful in the world?

The jury of the AHEAD Awards wondered about that too, and, after an accurate selection process, came to these surprising conclusions. Stress, tiredness, irritability: regardless of the specific reason – it could be just the simple desire of taking care of your body – that brings us to a wellness centre, what is important is to take a break from the hectic city life. The spa is today an established practice, and besides the psychophysical benefits confirmed by experts, those who personally experienced it can swear that it works, and well! If you have more than some hours at your disposal, and you don’t just want to go to an urban spa for a quick visit but prefer to have a proper wellness holiday, you will definitely enjoy this Zen full immersion. Interiors conceived to communicate peace and harmony are an added value. And when a spa can boast designer interiors, a perfect service, and a dream location, it can be shortlisted for the AHEAD Awards, the biennial prizes of the hotel industry. Also this year, they let us know which are the best spas in the world.   


ASIA | Spa & Wellness - Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

Like the judges of the AHEAD Awards, you will be struck by the vastness of the thermal baths facilities of the Four Seasons Hotel in the outskirts of the South Korean capital, from the gym to the incredible pool, to the treatment areas. Here everything releases a regenerating sense of tranquillity and relaxing ‘cocooning’. The style is a perfect design both for residents and the international guests of the hotel. 



MEA | Spa & Wellness Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort Nizwa, Oman

 Located in the Saiq plateau, amidst the legendary Green Mountains in Oman, the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar takes advantage of this dream-like and absolutely unique location. The amazing setting of the spa, at the top of a cliff, adds to the experience an extraordinary sense of being part of the universe. Spirit, mind, and body find in the minimalist designer interiors, with references to the Asiatic tradition, the completion of this state of grace.


AMERICAS || Spa & Wellness: Tierra Santa Healing House at Faena Hotel Miami Beach, Florida

 Here, all the design clichés about a spa have been rejected for a new concept of memory experience: and what else could we expect from the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, which reinvented the concept of hotel design? The Tierra Santa Healing House too was appreciated by judges for its strong personality perfectly integrated in the overall design of the hotel.

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EUROPE | Spa & Wellness Ned’s Club Relax at The Ned London, UK

A temple of wellness in the heart of a metropolis? Of course. Ned’s Club Relax in the heart of London made it possible, and with superb results, given its vast size and the huge variety of structures dedicated to health, beauty, body cure, and wellbeing. Our journey through it is accompanied by the perfect design of the interiors: majestic, contemporary, and statuesque.



by Paola Testoni / 1 December 2017


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