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In Milan’s Tortona district opens Ecrudo, the new restaurant where everything is real

Crudo, Italian for ‘raw’, as in raw material: from interiors to food, the new spot in the Tortona area thought for the wellbeing of guests


A new restaurant in Milan, which, as recites the pay-off chosen for the communication strategy, is set to become the place to be. Its name is Ecrudo, and it has just opened in the Tortona district, at the number 11 of Via Savona, one of the most interesting streets in the up-and-coming Navigli area, thanks to the variety of the offer of local restaurants.

Thought as a fine dining restaurant, Ecrudo was born out of the creativity of Milanese architect and art director Alessandro Agrati, who, with his personality, breathed life and materiality into a concept by Italy First Sa. This a firm that aims to expand and relay around the world Italy’s elegance and style through unique experiences, including those linked to the restaurant and hotel businesses, which convey a different idea of food & living.


The new restaurant project has the elegance of a Milanese drawing room, combined with the cosy atmosphere created by the soft lights and warm colours. In reference to it, Agrati says: “Ecrudo recalls the concept of raw meant as real, primordial, original, and without frills. Ecrudo is a space dedicated to food, a place of truths and sharp contrasts, with a strong soul that is never banal. Here, good food and fine living elevate the concept of ‘well-being’ and dilate it in time. Haste does not exist at Ecrudo”. “With Ecrudo — Agrati continues — we removed rather than adding. We went back to people, to place them at the centre. And by people, I mean both the guests and the staff looking after them”.

We are not talking about a fashionable or starred restaurant, but about a venue, where materials are the protagonists: at Ecrudo, the crudité philosophy is not restricted to food, but to the soul of the place and of the people who will enjoy it, free to move across the space in an itinerary of discovery of the different rooms, alternating informal settings with more classical atmospheres. One hundred seats welcome the guests of Ecrudo for dinner as well as aperitif. The cuisine, defined “primary” and inspired by healthy eating, is entrusted to Angelo Mancuso, with the oversight of Umberto Vezzoli, executive chef of the entire Gruppo Italy First. He himself defines Ecrudo’s “a cuisine strongly founded on integrated agriculture”. Rooted in the Italian tradition and in the Mediterranean origin of its ingredients, it is also able to suggest new ideas to change dietary habits, attempting to adjust aesthetics and taste.

Another strong suit of Ecrudo’s is its wine cellar, looked after by one of the world’s most renowned sommeliers: Pietro Sattanino.

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by Alec Cinque / 17 November 2017


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