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Elle Decor Italia

Souto de Moura’s ‘scattered hotel’ in Portugal, for those of you already thinking about the holidays

A project in southern Portugal transforming an old farm into a luxury resort with a farm-to-table restaurant

Nelson Garrido

A São Lourenço do Barrocal, in Portogallo, un’antica fattoria diventa hotel diffuso, retreat e ristorante farm-to-table

Imagine a scattered hotel amongst olive trees, centuries-old oaks and the tiny village of São Laurenço do Barrocal, a few kilometres away from the white town of Monsaraz, in the southern Portuguese countryside. 

Pritzker Prize winner Edoardo Souto de Moura decided to restore an old farm in this quiet and almost forgotten place to turn it into a luxury scattered hotel with a farm-to-table restaurant.

The 37,000-square-metres agricultural estate has seven buildings and a big courtyard accessible from the main road.

The project has been commissioned by José Antonio Uva, from the eighth generation of owners of the property. Its aim is no only to turn agricultural areas into residential spaces but also to bring life back to this flourishing countryside. 

The conversion of agricultural architecture into hospitality spaces resulted into 22 rooms, 16 cottages and two suites, also thanks to the collaboration with Anahory Almeida Interior Studio and landscape architect João Gomes de Silva. 

To complete the scattered hotel project, Souto de Moura added a farm-to-table restaurant, a Spa by Susanne Kaufmann, a canteen, stables for horses and an outdoor swimming pool receiving water from a 4-metres-high granite rock.

“A village is really a small universe with its own hierarchy: a street, a square, courtyards. The only way to conserve a heritage is to use it, because only daily life can make it natural and give status” explains Eduardo Souto de Moura. 

Located on the outskirts of the medieval town of Monsaraz, São Laurenço do Barrocal farm will be enriched by 29 new residences scattered around the 780-hectars property. They will be accurately integrated in the rural landscape, together with a mill and a barn that will become respectively a bar and a restaurant. 



by Paola Testoni / 14 April 2017


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