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Stayawhile, the hub for high design apartments for rent

Kicking off from New York City, here’s the start-up offering furnished houses up for rent in the name of contemporary nomadism

Once again, you are far away from home in some worldwide capital you often hop by for work reasons. After a hectic day with no loved ones at hand, you head back to your accommodation. But hey, this happens to be not one of those good old impersonal hotels you are used to, nor some random Airbnb stay: you just won a design apartment featured in Stayawhile’s private collection, meaning an innovative project that shakes up the meaning of “corporate housing” to fulfil contemporary nomads’ needs.

First founded by Janine Yorio, the New York-based start-up already gained a million and a half dollar-injection from several investors to start with, and is quickly building a global network of fine design apartments available for short-term stays (to subscribe as resident is mandatory): a cozy and warm environment, where to leave your own stuff behind for the next time. 

The project has just started off in New York and Boston, and is soon to land to many other US cities where the corporate housing industry has reached an annual peak of 3 billion dollars, and is stil constantly growing (report by Corporate Housing Providers Association). Not to mention the rental property business: a turnover of 182 billion dollars spread on 35 million residents. 

“A significant number of people signing 12-month leasing deals for unfurnished apartments would get a better, more flexible treatment built on mid-term housing contracts for fully-furnished flats”, the founder is keen to point out. “So we make a huge effort to capitalise on this extraordinary market trend, while tracing a fast, efficient, and scalable evolution path.” Washington, San Francisco, and Miami are soon expected to join up, while Los Angeles and Europe’s debut – in London and Paris, to be exact – is due in 2018. 

Price range is between 750$ and 1400$ per week, according to the location; still, when replying to doubtful comments on Product Hunt, Yorio announced lower fares in the near future. 

Shana Sigmond, already well-renowned for her work on The Standard Highline Hotel and ACE Hotel in New York, took care of the apartments’ design concept, a blend of 20th-century design pieces and contemporary furniture sharing a consistent aesthetic sensitivity. 

No bills, no papers to be signed, no issues with the Wi-Fi connection. Once the membership agreement is signed (under a payment of 200$) and the background check is adequately filled, all Stayawhile’s nomadic residents won’t have any other bother left. Moreover, after the reserved apartment is reached, they are going to find a Stayawhile Trunk waiting for them: a bag where to store your personal belongings securely, travelling with you from one destination to another. 

“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there”, Pascal Mercier wrote in Night Train to Lisbon. This book sounds indeed a great travel companion to put in the Trunk, together with a pair of slippers, a comfy pillow, and moka pot, to feel home away from home.


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