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Wall paint colors, 8 ideas that will make you want to change your interior color palette

A rich, varied family of colors that is going to repaint our interiors. White not included

Getty Images

Turquoise wall paint: a bold yet relaxing color choice

We already had some delightful chat about the Pantone Color of the Year and the ways to employ it, as well as about the current craze for sage green. Wall paint colors, though, can be based on a far wider color palette and, from time to time, it is crucial to remember that white and dove gray are not the only options. Here is a list of 8 wall paint colors to try – and maybe combine - in 2018.

1. Turquoise

Turquoise is a bold yet very relaxing color choice. The perfect shade to personalize the bedroom – even just one wall.

2. Bright Yellow

With its golden shades and sun-like brilliance, yellow creates a cheerful, welcoming mood. The perfect match? A stunning juxtaposition of yellow, cream and blue painted walls, especially with yellow in its golden ochre shade.

Photo credits © Michał Grosicki on Unsplash

3. Powder

Powder is a sort of dusty pink, the latest neuter wall paint color to try in 2018, simultaneously featuring the chic elegance of ecru and all the liveliness of pink.

Photo credits © Breather on Unsplash

4. Earth

Warm earth shades are perfect for those who wish to have a sophisticated, luxury wall paint that is simultaneously natural and relaxing. Maximum effect is achieved when matched with red and green. Awesome choice for the living room walls.

Photo credits © Karolina Szczur on Unsplash

5. Red

Among interior wall paint colors, a strong color like red is not a choice for all and it might well be seen as a little too bold. Yet it is the right shade to add energy to an otherwise dull interior, or even to harmonize a less than characterful space.

Photo credits © Getty Images

6. Black

According to a well-established tradition, “black goes with everything”. Why then not to try and employ black as a new, neuter wall painting color, a dramatic addition to any color palette?

7. Pink

Millennial pink has legitimized pink as a unisex color, devoid of any gender implication. We can finally employ it even in our homes without incurring the risk of any unintentional “Marie-Antoinette effect”: in the right combinations, it might turn out to be the most suitable choice for rock-style, modern walls.

Photo credits © Getty Images

8. Gold

Metallic colors are no longer synonymous with overblown luxury, having finally acquired a new freshness that enables these shades to be used anywhere, including wall paints. Gold might be the new marble white, in fact. Just try it!

Photo credits © Getty Images

by Paola Testoni / 14 February 2018


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