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Ever treated yourself at Ceresio 7 Gym & Spa?

Brand new well-being centre lands in Milan: an exclusive club for sports and relax lovers

Helenio Barbetta

Recently landed in Enel’s former original location (and Dsquared2 headquarter) in Milan, Ceresio 7| Gym & Spa is an exclusive club devoted to psychophysical wellness and beauty treatments. 

This one-of-a-kind initiative is aimed to provide a totally unconventional experience in which sport disciplines and relax blend altogether so to pursue an ideal path towards a 360-degree state of well-being. 

Milan-based architectural firm Storage was appointed as for the creative direction – a well-established reality that twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten were already familiar with, thanks to a previous mutual collaboration that led to the renovation of the entire building: indeed, one of the city’s coolest restaurants and lounge bars is currently operating at the top floor. 

Ceresio 7| Gym & Spa results from the strong will of creating a landmark for health and beauty, an actual oasis of relaxation where to increase personal performance in any exercise discipline practiced, both on an athletic and recreational level.

The club comprises four distinctive macro-areas – “Gym & Fitness”, “Beauty Spa & Wellness”, “Metabolism & Nutrition” and “Medical” –, and provides custom programs to enhance individual physical results. Wellness services range from the Fitness area, which is reserved for individual or group sessions and features cardio and strength machines, Technogym® equipment for Crossfit and functional training, to the Beauty Spa & Wellness, where to properly regenerate both the body and mind. The latter includes a swimming-pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, sauna, massage and beauty treatment rooms, in the name of relax and fine body-care practises. 

In other words, Ceresio 7| Gym & Spa is a luxury location providing a new approach to fitness and well-being, along with exclusive benefits and a rich path of positivity and energy.


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