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Elle Decor Italia

In Moscow, it is here that you stay out late (and say goodbye to “fake baroque”)

Big Wine Freaks is a wine bar with a yesteryear touch designed by an Italian firm to please eyes and palate


For the Big Wine Freaks in Moscow, the coolest nightclub in the Russian capital, Italian firm b-arch has a password: contamination. Visual contamination of styles (with Reggiani and Jere’s touches), cultures, and gourmet combinations.

With the bugbear -as they call it - of “fake baroque” that was for a long time the tacky style of choice in the East, Sabrina Bignami and Alessandro Cappelaro turn to a younger and more modern clientele, attentive to detail and geared toward the future. All of it without renouncing a wink at the tradition of the motherland, which is very different from the touristic folklore.


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At The Big Wine Freaksm, wine is the star. You can sample a refined selection of natural, biodynamic, and organic bottles - curated by sommelier Andry Larin - in ultra-thin wine glasses by Zalto. Finger food by chef Marat Kalajian is served in the colorful Georgian plates by Richard Ginori, on display on the ceramic tables by Belarti.

The wine bar is immersed in an opalescent blue light that makes it looks like a mystic cave ready to unveil its wonders. The floral carpets by Jan Kath on the walls are a reference to Russian tradition, albeit with a contemporary touch, as is the jellyfish chandelier ironically lightened by plastic. The exposed bricks in the upper sections of the walls running to the beamed ceiling defuse the serious atmosphere.

The choice of chairs is wide: from the velvet armchairs in different colours to the long sofa by Bla Station, and the high stools overlooking the concrete counter or the open kitchen that creates a continuous exchange and a very relaxed atmosphere.  

“One of the goals of the project was also to get the clientele to mingle by creating an exciting vibe that invited to exchange words and gestures in a relaxed environment. That’s the idea behind the long, communal tables under the circular chandelier in natural brass at the centre of the space”, Sabrina Bignami says.

Besides the Russian past, the other great inspiration is Italy, recalled by the lamps, the food, and the panels in Venetian plaster on the walls that make for a definitely modern graphic look.


by Stefano Annovazzi Lodi / 14 February 2018


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