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Elle Decor Italia

Modern house in Abu Jamil district in Beirut remodelled with smooth wooden walls

Range of wood essences gives 650 square-metre modern penthouse a warm touch

Sinuous wooden structures and floating staircase suspended from the ceiling through vertical steel profiles: check out the focal points of this cutting-edge renovation project of a two-storey large penthouse in downtown Beirut

Lebanese studio Plateau opted for wooden cladding and walls in order to convert a generous-sized yet fragmented space into a modern house radiating cozy and comfortable vibes.

Photo by: Wissam Chaaya

Welcome to the Abu Jamil neighbourhood in downtown Beirut, Lebanon. The penthouse’s original layout was marked by a fragmented circulation between both levels, with poor spatial interaction and a narrow main foyer. The solution? A system of vertical wooden sheets meant to improve the residence’s internal continuity and harmony thanks to a re-arranged double height space.

Photo by: Wissam Chaaya

A wooden shell encloses the double height space, which includes the living areas, workspace and night-area.

Photo by: Wissam Chaaya

The 650 square-metre residence features a widened entrance, which gives back the staircase its former major role. The stairs themselves become a floating and dynamic structure, suspended from the ceiling through vertical steel profiles that enhance its lightness as if floating in the middle of such huge and deep space.

Photo by: Wissam Chaaya

Photo by: Wissam Chaaya


The wooden shell’s sinuous shape merges the different misalignments together and allows for a curvilinear continuity between the enlarged lobby and adjacent rooms on both floors. How? By integrating doors and storage units, see through cutouts and incorporated lighting. The steel profiles occasionally emerge out the wooden shell to serve as door handles and shelves without compromising the house’s global minimal materiality.

Photo by: Wissam Chaaya

Photo by: Wissam Chaaya

The penthouse’s remaining surfaces play a smart game of contrasts with the main wooden core: see the total-white walls, marble flooring and steel panels embedded into the staircase. Originally conceived for a family of four, the house unfolds into different adjoining rooms that boast an heterogeneous wood palette to incorporate doors, library and closets realised by local artisans.


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