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Interior designer Rose Uniacke unveils the 6 basic ingredients of any perfect project

The former restorer, winner of the Best Stand Award at PAD London 2017, talks about her profession


Interior designer Rose Uniacke. From her London studio, she works on projects ranging from product design to residential design and luxury boutiques. Her motto? To combine old and modern by creating settings evoking calmness, beauty and serenity. 

Light, air, discretion, refinement, simplicity, calmness. These are the six secret basic ingredients to any perfect project according to Rose Uniacke.

The designer, a former restorer and antique dealer, works in London on projects that range from retail to residential design, developing her own collection, on sale at her showroom, located at 76, Pimlico Road, along a series of vintage objects she has personally restored.

All of her projects exude a deep love for the past, together with the exceptional ability – a gift so few of us possess – to give life to stunning settings evoking magic, spirituality, and a timeless beauty.

Upon entering the living room of her London home, one gets the feeling of penetrating a separate reality. Not just because of its nineteenth-century shape, nor because of the luxury of the exotic plants growing in the inner courtyard, nor the cinema, spa and pool.

What makes the difference here is the peculiar ambience; the designer’s ability to combine old and new objects, nostalgic and luxurious at the same time, creating enchanting settings.

All photo credits © Rose Uniacke

Interior of Rose Uniacke’s showroom in the Pimlico neighborhood

We’ve met with Rose in order to know her better, asking her to tell us about her past, present and future projects.

Let’s begin with the home you restored in Pimlico, hosted within a 1800s building. Whence did you start?

It was an important project that required a big renovation, starting from the removal of an extremely heavy staircase that had been installed following the damages undergone during World War II. I chose to replace it with a 12-ton stone staircase, which in my opinion was much more suitable for the shapes and character of the original building. The whole of the plaster and molding works have been accurately carried out by top craftsmen who employed traditional manufacturing techniques.

I created a delicate color palette for this project, combining it with organic-like textures such as marble, natural wood floorings, limestone slabs and rough linen, joined together in order to add warmth, energy and calmness to the house. At first glance, it may seem quite an old home. In reality, it is very modern as well: iPad panels, hidden in every room, control noise and temperature. 

Living room in Rose Uniacke’s home, Pimlico

A fascinating blend of old and new is the key feature to all of your projects…

Exactly. My philosophy consists in reinventing each space in keeping with its history, taking into account the characteristics of the place, keeping in mind what was here before today. Then I try to simplify as much as possible. Besides being nice, a place should also be welcoming and comfortable.

This year you won the Best Stand Award at PAD London for the second time.

I was deeply honored to receive this prize. I presented both my new and antique pieces in a set-up featuring a fresh yellow background, something I would define uplifting yet soothing. Two years ago, I have been awarded for my employment of the color blue. 

The Rose Uniacke stand at PAD London 2017

Which celebrity does inspire you most in your work and everyday life?

Chilean designer Eugenia Errázuriz without doubt. She was so ahead of her times, already then she promoted simplicity in design, creating settings that were distant from typical early 1900 grandeur. Moreover, she loathed frills and trinkets, just like me.

One last question. You have such a wonderful ability to mix past and present. What kind of future do you envisage for your profession?

Lately I have been noticing a steadily growing tendency on people’s part to seek authenticity and quality in objects. People have resumed appreciating old things, ancient expertise, craftsmanship – all of this in a modern, contemporary context, obviously. 

Interior of the Rose Uniacke showroom in the Pimlico neighborhood


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