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A new life to grandma’s dining set

Old and new are harmoniously combined in La Cartuja de Sevilla’s dining sets

Nuove collezioni di porcellane La Cartuja

Le nuove collezioni di porcellane La Cartuja sono un tuffo nel passato con un occhio sempre rivolto al gusto e alle esigenze della vita moderna

The story of a ceramic dining set is often more complex and longer than we can imagine. This time, we are in Andalusia in 1841. Here, inside a terracotta factory - known for its dining set production – the creative genius and entrepreneurial spirit of Charles Pickman was born. It’s the first step of the industrial revolution in Seville. It’s a project that combines the deeply-rooted decorative traditions (close to Spanish people’s heart) and the technical innovations that expert Andalusian artisans added. 

Following their progressive and innovative spirit, La Cartuja de Sevilla recently introduced new lines mixing current aesthetics and classical drawings, presented in Paris at the last Maison & Objet. It’s not re-edited classics but more new versions of ceramic plates designed by illustrators such as Carmen Garcia Huerta and contemporary designers such as Isaac Piñeiro. They were all inspired by the historic heritage of the firm but managed to introduce new objects totally adaptable to contemporary needs and taste. 

The renovating process started 175 years later with the collection Vega 175, by designer Isaac Piñeiro. It’s a collection made of vases, trays, candle holders and coat hangers, all in ceramic and with a rounded silhouette, a clear reference to Pickman’s British organic shapes. The greatest innovation is in the use of 3D printing for prototype development together with the traditional manual turning. 

This collection embraces a new contemporary perspective without forgetting about the past. Shapes and functionality are blended together making details stand out. Every piece is unique and characterised by a rounded comfortable handle. The balance between rustic and traditional, originality and expressive refinement is absolutely paramount. 

Madrid-based illustrator Carmen Garcia Huerta, instead, decided to get inspired by an old movie. She reinterpreted the classic animal-like and natural twine patterns in the ceramic plate collection Georgica. A documentary about the lives of Edith and Ewing Bouvier Beale, Jacqueline Kennedy’s cousin and aunt respectively, illustrated the decadent and exotic style of the Grey Garden mansion. Here is where the two sophisticated and eccentric ladies decided to retire, far away from New York’s luxury ostentation. 

Amongst the classic eastern patterns, a series of elements stand out: pagodas, bridges, different bird species and a natural environment centred around a big willow. Everything is soaked in an exotic, decadent and nostalgic style. However, the bright colours, the flowers and birds’ exuberance and some feline references express a feeling of regeneration and freedom. 



by Chiara Pasini / 18 September 2017


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