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A double site-specific installation by Edoardo Tresoldi makes Italian architecture float within the Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Made of two suspended domes, “Aura” is meant to trigger a reflection on architecture and its inherent transience

© Roberto Conte, Courtesy Edoardo Tresoldi

"Aura" is a double site-specific installation by Edoardo Tresoldi, on display at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Paris

Huge yet graceful, the two ephemeral domes designed by Edoardo Tresoldi hang from the majestic glass ceilings designed by Gustave Eiffel within the Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. Aura is the name of this stunning, site-specific installation realized for La Famiglia (The Family), a special exhibition set up by the famous French department store as a homage to Italy and the Italian character (from 6 to 22 September, read also -->  L'Italia va a Le Bon marché Rive Gauche... con tutta la "La famiglia").



It took the Cambiago-born artist five nights’ work to set up the two 8m high domes by which he intended to pay homage to Italian Renaissance and Neoclassicism (they, too, are, in fact, significant members of the “Italian Family” of all times), simultaneously providing an example of “deconstructed architecture”. Made respectively of wire mesh and corrugated sheet metal (the latter material has been especially employed for the first time in this context), the two iconic works offer themselves, as Tresoldi put it, “as two wrecks displayed at a 18th century natural history museum. By watching them, visitors will be able to retrace the history of architecture through its unique yet ephemeral components”. 




Two artworks in which the entire history of Western architecture (and thought) seems to unravel in a sort of suggestive allegory, suspended between form and substance, being and nothingness, transcendence and immanence: a light, evanescent wire mesh creating an “eternal” dome – just like a Platonic idea, almost – evoking Walter Benjamin’s concept of “aura”: “the unique appearance of a distance”. Next to it, the transient heaviness of sheet metal as the remains of a shell where time does exist and corrupts everything – an architecture in ruins. Because everything human, including architecture, gets back to nature eventually. Themes dear to Edoardo Tresoldi, “the artist of transparent sculptures”, who, with his art, has joined Tadao Ando, Ai Weiwei and Chiharu Shiota who have already exhibited their works here at Le Bon Marché in recent years.  



Edoardo Tresoldi ad Abu Dhabi trasforma l’acciaio in poesia



by Roberto Fiandaca / 18 September 2017


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